6 Essential Elements of a Successful E-commerce Website

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So you’re ready to take your business to the next level and launch a successful e-commerce shop. Great! But have you ever thought what an e-commerce site need to successfully turn those leads into profits?

An e-commerce store is more than just stunning product photos and an excellent check-out function. In fact, you have to also think about the kind of experience that you’re giving out your customers.

Because online shopping and online marketing is a highly competitive space, what does it take to build a successful online store? Here are some essentials that could help you jumpstart your success.

1. Detailed product information

6 Essential Elements of a Successful E-commerce Website 1

Although this might sound a bit obvious, you need to have precise and accurate descriptions of your products so that buyers could be able to make a purchase. Remember that in your online store, those details will act as your store staff. Therefore, it needs to be informative as much as possible and set the right tone for your audience.

You can include a FAQ section, too. That way, you can ease away any worry or doubts that prospects might feel towards your products.

Capture your audience’s attention and try to be a little creative with your descriptions. How do you tell the product story, and how could it benefit your customers? Will it makes them more productive, safe, save their time, or money?

Tap into your prospects’ emotional needs and show them the benefits of the product that will make their lives better. You can also do an e-commerce platform comparison so that you’ll know what will work best for your business.

2. High-quality Images

6 Essential Elements of a Successful E-commerce Website 2

Product images are one of the most important aspects of your site. This is often your prospective buyer’s experience with your product, so you must make it count.

  • Ensure that your images are of high-quality and has good lighting
  • Give your customers the option to see how the product is being used, so that they can easily relate to the experience of the product.
  • Make a gallery of images to show the product features.
  • Let customers see a bigger version of the image either through a zoom function.

3. Sharing feature

6 Essential Elements of a Successful E-commerce Website 3

A lot of e-commerce designs have a sharing feature. You can place a couple of short links with the share option. This will let your customers to also share with others your product listings. A share feature is a major advantage since people are using social media all the time.

Also, make sure that your site is mobile-friendly so that it’s convenient for smartphone users to access it.

4. Sign up as a guest

6 Essential Elements of a Successful E-commerce Website 4

Long and drawn out registration or sign up forms can increase the chances of a customer abandoning their purchase when they check out. So give web visitors an option to check out as a guest rather than registering an account.

Most online shoppers want to make a purchase quickly and want to be easily directed. So, you need to help them achieve that goal by giving them a much easier option to check out as a guest.

5. Simple and easy checkout process

6 Essential Elements of a Successful E-commerce Website 5

One of the biggest conversion killers for your online store is your check-out process. You could be losing out a lot of your customers if you have a check-out that’s poorly planned and executed.

Ideally, it should have a balance between good functionality, usability, and creating trust so that you can offer users an excellent check-out experience.

  • Place a big, bold, check-out button.
  • Don’t place unexpected product costs during the checkout.
  • Optimize site load times, make sure that it’s loading fast.
  • Edit the cart contents convenient.
  • Put images of the products on a cart.
  • Show security logos and badges.
  • Show the shipping clearly.
  • Keep the checkout simple. The lesser the clutter, the better.
  • Make it easy to contact support.

6. Customer review and rating

6 Essential Elements of a Successful E-commerce Website 6

A successful e-commerce website design where the people who run the page, as well as the customers, work together cooperatively. The thing is, people will not only buy products to your site but will also recommend it to other people. That’s why positive word of mouth can give a great deal of value to your site.

One of the most common mistakes most web owners make is not to add the review option. Why? Because most of them are afraid that a lot of people will criticize their products and services.

But the thing is if you’re not confident enough about your product’s quality, how will your customers expect to love it? So, don’t try to shy away from negative feedback. You can use it as a tool to improve your products and services.

Over to You

So there you have it. Those are the few things that you have to consider if you want to launch a successful e-commerce site. You can make a lot of revenues online. All you need is to know what you’re doing with your e-commerce site.

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