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6 Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Business

The internet is crawling with B2B companies that are up to their necks in competition. Most amateur B2B companies focus on sales, and very rightfully so since they help to predict the future of the business.

In order to succeed in making a sale, you’d have to focus on the people who are actually interested in doing business with you in the first place. These people are referred to as leads and are equally or perhaps more important than an actually closed deal.

Approximately 85% of digital marketers believe that lead generation is a tough yet one of the most important goals of digital marketing. Despite its importance, very few leads make it through conversions towards closed deals or sales. This means that B2B marketers need to focus on their lead generation tactics through strategies, channels, and research that will help them close deals towards the growth of their businesses.

6 Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Business 1

Mentioned below are 6 prime lead generation strategies that we think every small business needs to work on in order to grow consistently.

1.     E-Mail Marketing

Today, B2B marketers are looking for better and grander opportunities to achieve their target audience and their estimated target of sales. E-mail marketing is all about personalization and with good reason.

In order to offer a more personalized approach in your e-mails, make sure you target each customer by keeping their specific interests in mind. Generic approaches are long forgotten now, and they might help you in the short run but are futile in building a long relationship with your client.

Make sure you’re persistent and consistent with your e-mail timings. If you’re just starting out with a new lead, then chances are that their lead generation might warrant more than just a couple of repetitive e-mails.

You have to highlight your e-mails by providing context to your variables – make sure you shed some light on the offer you’re promoting by making it more informative, concise yet thorough and vivid.

6 Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Business 2

2.     SEO Marketing – Keyword Optimization

A search engine is a valid channel for lead generation, especially in the B2B industry. SEO is perhaps one of the leading digital marketing techniques for lead generation and spans — from keyword optimization to linking building strategies, that would help to rank your webpage higher on search engines for better visibility.

Keywords are the backbone of SEO which is why you need to understand your niche and derive every possible search-related keyword with reference it its volume, ranking and usability, and competitiveness in the field. You need to optimize your on-page content with these keywords thoroughly so that you can have a better shot at attracting search engine crawlers for a boost in rankings.

Try not fit keywords ‘just anywhere’ in the text – your keywords need to make justice to your content so that search engine crawlers don’t identify them simply as fluff or spam. You can avail the required percentile of keyword distribution by spreading the chosen ones throughout the content body for better ranking.

3.     Organic Search Marketing – Link Building Strategies

Google needs proof of your website’s credibility which is why you need to link your landing pages via White Label SEO Outsourcing techniques to sources that signify your brand’s worth and reputation. In order to work towards domain authority, you have to embed links to various webpages of your website in sources that Google deems valuable enough for proof of your business’s online presence.

You can start by guest posting on niche-comparative websites where you can post content for free in exchange for a CTA to your website’s landing pages. Influencer marketing is on the rise and accounted for around 76% of attention from B2B marketers in 2018 for the generation of a brand’s ROI.

Similarly, you can work with several micro-influencers by hosting giveaways through collaborations and sponsored media. You can also offer quotes to reporters and journalists for enlisting your services online.

Add ‘Anchor Texts’ with ‘Do-follow’ links in your text with clear internal link-building strategies as well.

4.     Social Media Marketing

It’s time you educated yourself regarding the wrath that social media channels of Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can bestow on your enemy (read: competition). Social media channels are one of the primary and logical sources of nurturing competitive leads. In order to pursue social media marketing, you have to keep three essential factors in mind.

  • Social media is all about experimentation. These channels are embedded with trial and error phases that at times, might blow out as compared to poor results at another given time
  • In order to pave your way through errors, you have to realize that social media campaigns require consistency and persistence. This will lead you to ultimately engage with your audience for lead generation
  • Try to give artificial intelligence and automation a chance. Automation might help you take care of a majority of your campaigns with strategic planning and consistent execution

5.     Use Paid Search for Remarketing

Lead generation, as defined earlier, means encouraging people who already have shown an interest in your brand to do business with you. This means you need to remarket your services and products as much as possible to remind your leads to the reasons why they showed interest in your brand in the first place.

Paid search, for once, might help you propel your brand towards competition, but for that to take place, you have to write compelling copy and create better offers for your remarketing ads.

6 Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Business 3

Most people tend to stalk your website for around 7 – 8 times before making up their minds about a sale. In order to entice these leads towards making an indefinite sale, use Facebook or other social media channel for sponsoring a relevant ad for a target audience. This will help generate leads and will exhaustively promote them towards conversions in no time.

6.     Publish Quality Blogs

Blogs consist of a personalized touch, which is why there is no need to prove why they’re popular amongst people in the first place. You can promote your website through your content by offering tips, guides, and tutorials to your leads so that they’d know how to use your products or cater to your services.

Around 93% of digital marketers already believe that content is king, and the only way to plummet through sales is to give content creation a huge break. In order to proceed towards social media marketing, content marketing and other automated routes of rebranding and remarketing, it is necessary that brands pay specific attention to the content on their landing pages with proper structure and citation.

If the content is of poor quality, then the chances of a probable lead visiting your website again reduce quite significantly.

The Wrap Up

Lead routing also helps in moving potential customers towards the bracket of acquired sales – and with good reason. Businesses learned which leads to follow through and how – many of them were distributed according to their demographics and psychographics to ideal customer sales representatives. In order for lead generation to work, it is necessary to run an A/B testing with a probable budget in hand and experimentation risks in mind.

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