7 Costly Mistakes that Companies Make When Looking for An Online Marketing Agency


It can be challenging yet confusing for a new business to find a genuinely good online marketing company without getting it wrong. Consumers are changing their style of trade towards online business and can thus marketing their online stores have become ever so crucial.

Usually, business owners think twice before deciding to hire professionals to handle their marketing efforts. However, being too late to the party is a mistake in itself.  There are several benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency such as:

  • They help save time and money
  • They provide fast results
  • Provides professional exposure
  • Helps explore new avenues to promote your brand

But despite the many benefits, hiring a digital marketing agency is not easy. You should be able to identify the elements to look out for before using the services of marketing agencies. Here, you’ll see some of the common mistakes to avoid when hiring a digital marketing agency.

1. Hiring a Marketing Agency Without a Clear Marketing Goal

It is vital to have clear marketing goals and do extensive research before approaching digital marketing agencies. You’d surely not want to pay for unnecessary services based on what your agency recommends.

You know your company better than anyone else so ensure that the company that you choose matches your goals and not the other way round.

2. Choosing the Cheapest Digital Marketing Agency

Developing an effective digital marketing campaign ad takes time. A basic campaign can take about 8 to 10 hours of your agency’s time.

While you can find cheap providers who claim that they can do the work within two hours or even below, we’d advise you not to go for them. Their campaigns might not give much-needed results.

A reputable agency, on the other hand, will charge you more but will enhance your brand reputation instead of damaging it. It is essential to set a reasonable budget and also be ready to pay competitive rates for work well done.

3. Choosing a Full-Service Agency

Online marketing takes many forms.

You can’t expect full-service digital agencies that deal with everything from SEO, public relations, Google Ads, website development, etc. to be experts in the complicated world of social media optimization.

Let’s use the Facebook algorithm as an example. Getting the fine details on how to get dependable posts on news feeds and how to compete cheaply in the ad auction is crucial.

Does your agency understand how ad engagement impacts your bid price? Are they bidding manually or just allowing Facebook to dictate the rates? Are they able to schedule the ads to your audience at the right time? Are they able to audit the organic performance of your channel?

Digital agencies focusing on one category of expertise are expected to perform better compared to those who do social media as a side hustle. Therefore, be sure to choose a firm that are experts in what they do.

4. Not Asking a Plan from Your Marketing Agency

When working with a digital agency, ask them to give you a plan that includes goals, timelines, and the platforms they’ll use to promote your brand.

If you’re into retail, we’d recommend the use of Facebook and Instagram. If you’re in B2B operations, you can use Twitter and LinkedIn. Email marketing can also be helpful.  So explore a useful package based on your digital needs.

5. Not Considering the Reputation of the Firm

A company claiming to provide digital marketing services should have a robust online reputation. Be sure to read online reviews from past clients as well as checking the social media handles of the company.

Also, looking at the type of images, languages, and videos used on their website can give a clear picture of what to expect from a company.

6. Not Establishing a Marketing Budget for Your Campaigns

Every company should establish an annual marketing budget. Define clearly the amount of money you’d want to spend on digital marketing as well as traditional marketing. As opposed to designing a website where it’s a one-time cost, digital marketing is a monthly affair so keep that into consideration.

While digital marketing increases the visibility of your brand, it’s vital to set a budget to avoid overspending.

7. Limiting Yourself To a Local Agency

You don’t require a local digital marketing agency. No matter what everyone says, an excellent digital company should have the ability to dominate your local market regardless of their location. The best thing about the web is that it can be accessed from any part of the world, meaning you should not limit yourself only to local digital marketing agencies.

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