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Are you a socialite by today’s standards? Do you have the numbers that would qualify you to be counted as one? Well, not the traditional yardstick of how many at the local club know you or how many of the networking sorts in your niche or industry recognize you. But, today how socialite you are is determined by the number of followers you have in social media. Offline networking or social activity is no longer a parameter to judge your socialite nature but activities in the social media are. To get a steady number of followers you have to have done a number of things on online social forums – you have crafted and posted unique content, expanding your social presence on a continuous basis by engaging with followers that matter and, in some instances, buying real Instagram followers to boost your social circles. Even then, at times you still feel that the numbers are just not there, and you keep striving for the obvious, a little more engaging number. There are some very small but unique measures that can do wonders for you.


Not only the content but the time of your posting is crucial. A post at the wrong time may not get the right response. Your followers may receive hundreds of social media messages throughout the day from different sources. Nobody wants to spend his precious time by surfing old post. The choices are dictated by convenience and not just quality. Research shows that afternoon to late night is the best time of posting as more people are active at that time. Possibilities are greater that they will follow your post. Likewise, Thursday and Friday are two days when people spend more time on social media. So in a nutshell, be careful with your timing.

Follow trends

To get more followers one has to follow the trends and do some trendy posting. If the trend doesn’t match your style of posting, then you can limit yourself by making some quotes or comments. Your comment should be witty with a touch of humor. For example, any post or comments on food will get more response on Friday though it may not be your subject.


An image can say a thousand words. That’s very much relevant when it comes to social media also. An image or a video can generate three times more views than content. You don’t have to create the video or image, you just have to tag it in your platform. Choose carefully to get the right quality. Millions of images and videos are posted every week. Your selection should be the mark of your stature. If you share something from your followers’ post it will be productive.


More than 50% followers of any brand are looking for offers and freebies. So take advantage of this consumption insight and offer them something interesting and let them spread the word for you. You can start a campaign by offering a competition that involves retweets and sharing and the more numbers one gets for you, the greater the incremental rewards.

Know your competitors

Spend some time to analyze your competitors’ page. Learn what makes them popular and what kind of posting helps them to get more followers. Initiate some changes to transform your social media accordingly but don’t lose your own identity.


Respond to questions, comments, and complaints of your followers in a timely manner. Make them involved with your platform and encourage them to share it with others. Everybody wants to connect by sending comments, questions or suggestions and your timely response will provide additional motivation for them.

Link your social media

Link your social media account to your newsletter, email signature, blog, Instagram etc. Print your social media details on the reverse of your visiting cards. Once they get in touch through of your mediums, they should know about every platform where you are available. Use the social occasion to promote your social media presence by distributing those cards.

Response time

Not only your response but your response time in equally important. If you attend your followers’ queries pretty quickly they will feel rewarded and help to promote your social activities. Research shows people like to get a response within one hour. So whatever is their posting time, just be ready to get involved as soon as possible. Waiting can play a spoilsport in your venture.

Avoid bulk posting

Until you make your defense rock-solid you can’t go offensive. Similarly, to increase your followers you have to be sure that your existing followers stay with you. Don’t try their patience by posting bulk mail. Nobody likes to get bulk emails that just bloat their mailboxes. You shouldn’t post more than one post at a time. Make a schedule to post across days, weeks, or even months instead of posting multiple times, all at once.

Be authoritative

History proves that most people like authority. People who identify themselves as an authority have many more followers than people who don’t. So, don’t be humble in your profile. Identify yourself as who you are in the best possible light, just like you would on your resume. You are bound to raise curiosity and thereby more engagement.

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