Aquajet Dive H2 – A Cool Sea Scooter For Everyone ๐ŸŒŠ

Aquajet Dive H2 A Hydrodynamic Sea Scooter For Everyone

People who like to take a step further in sea and explore the unexplored world of nature, they are the passionate one, the one who does things like diving into a coral reef and swimming with dolphins. But itโ€™s hard on your own to do that, you canโ€™t dive that faster. Well, we might have a solution for that.

The Aqua Jet H2 is an underwater sea scooter, which is designed to take you in the sea and let you discover the underwater world, on your phone.

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Going underwater, exploring seas and oceans is one of the most beautiful and inclusive activity for the professional drivers, photographers and explotionaist. In order to make their work easy and provide them comfort and safety, Aqua Jet H2 is being designed. This device makes free diving an easy and enjoyable access to everyone,

Let’s See, How does it work?

Aqua Jet H2 works on the combination of modern technology and smart design to create a device that has never been heard before in the world of DPVโ€™s. Because of the smart internal motor design, one can drive the Aqua Jet H2 with variable speed.

The internal motor features the advanced safety control. There is an additional positive buoyancy that allows for a quick ascent to the surface. The users can control the ride via the two magnetic buttons on either wing. You just have to step your arms through the straps, grab a hold of the wings. Outstretch your arm and power on the device. Tilt the device downwards to enter diving mode and point it up to get to the surface.


  1. It gives its users the interdependence in the water you desire with balance, stability and operability.
  2. It also features wings, to allow Aqua Jet H2 to fly through the water with ease.
  3. Aqua Jet H2 is termed as the King Of The Speed. With high speed, you can freely enjoy flying on the surface and at the depth.
  4. All the components of Aqua Jet H2 are waterproof.
  5. The Aqua Jetโ€™s motor is powerful enough to carry four people at once.
  6. Aqua Jet H2 features great balance, less friction drag, glide freely and is easy to use.
  7. Aqua Jet H2 has a extra long battery life.
  8. Aqua Jet H2 is a perfect device for water rescue as it functions as a floating device to support swimmers.

Why should one go for Aqua jet H2?

The Aqua Jet H2 not only provides a fun diving experience but is safe for everyone. You can use it, your kids can use it, even the people who canโ€™t swim can use it. This device is safe, chargeable and waterproof. ย What more do you want?


The Aquajet Dive H2 is available on, at a minimal price of 699 USD. So, grab it ASAP.

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