Able2Extract Pro 14 Brings PDF Signatures and AI Conversion

Able2Extract Pro 14 Brings PDF Signatures and AI Conversion 1

As you know, we like to find and recommend the right tools for the right job, especially when basically every document task is done digitally on a computer.

Writing and editing documents is easy enough, but working with PDF documents is another story. PDFs are the standard for sharing sensitive and important information because it locks down your information and ensures that the content remains intact. This is why PDF files are so important and yet so difficult to work with.

We introduced you to an all-in-one PDF tool for this before: Able2Extract Professional. It lets you convert, create, and edit PDF files and lets you, fill-in, create and edit PDF forms. The PDF suite comes with a ton of other features covered in our previous review.

Well, the developers of Able2Extract,, have just released Able2Extract Professional 14.0 and with it even more powerful features. Here’s a look at the newest additions to the PDF suite:

Add Electronic and Digital Signatures

With Able2Extract Professional 14, you can now sign PDFs. This latest version lets you add electronic signatures or digital cryptographic signatures. As complex and advance as the task may sound, it’s streamlined and user-friendly. A dialog presents you with the options you need to attach a signature:

  • To add an electronic signature, you can type, draw or import a signature image.
  • To add digital cryptographic signatures, Able2Extract has an option allowing you to select and apply digital certificates you may have on an external device.

You can add a signature on top of any other PDF security options in Able2Extract Professional.

Able2Extract Pro 14 Brings PDF Signatures and AI Conversion 2

Verify Digital Signatures

To round off the new PDF signatures feature, Able2Extract lets you verify the digital signatures that are attached to PDFs you receive.  When you open a PDF with a digital signature, you can view the status of the signatures by the color of the padlock icon on the document’s tab. To further investigate the digital signature, simply click on a digital signature to expand it and view more information about it, check the ownership of the signature, and see if it’s valid.

Able2Extract Pro 14 Brings PDF Signatures and AI Conversion 3

Custom Convert PDF to Excel with AI Technology

This PDF suite is known for its Custom PDF to Excel conversion that lets users adjust and choose how the tables from a PDF will be converted into Excel. In this version, the developers added artificial intelligence to the process to make it easier to select and convert specific table structures by training and using Excel templates.

  • Custom Convert Smart Templates

Custom Excel templates can be trained on 5-10 PDFs with samples of the tables you want to convert selected. Applying a trained Smart Template to a PDF allows Able2Extract to automatically search for and select the tables that have a similar structure wherever they occur in the PDF.

  • Batch Convert using Master Templates

Master (Batch conversion) templates are also trained the same way via Batch mode and will allow Able2Extract identify and select specific table structures in more than one PDF when you apply a Master template to PDFs queued for batch conversions. This is super powerful if you have a number of the same table structures in more than one PDF that you want to convert in one shot.

Able2Extract Pro 14 Brings PDF Signatures and AI Conversion 4

Final Thoughts

Able2Extract Professional 14 is a PDF software solution that is powerful enough for businesses and cost-effective for individual use. The features let you do everything with PDFs. One installation provides you with a number of PDF solutions, which we love.

Overall, this PDF tool saves you a ton of money and time.

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