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Screen recording tools nowadays are quite handy, increasingly used by professors and students, businessmen and employees, pro techies and newbies for educational needs, they are essentials for YouTubers and video tutors around the world. With changing trends, video and audio recording of a desktop or laptop isn’t limited to what’s going on, on the screen, now you can pause, add effects, trim, take screenshots or even do multitasking or automated and manual scheduling when recording the screen.

Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro has all that must be there in a complete screen recorder and editor. With regular monthly and quarterly updates, the Screen Video Recorder  is now the most powerful and real-time screen recorder plus live editor right now. After recording your tutorial video or some VA task, go through it again, trim what’s not needed, add what’s needed, prolong it, shorten it, or play around with other features of the recorder, believe us, it’s fun.


Acethinker Screen Grabber is a versatile software and is available for all Windows and Macintosh Operating systems. Here are some of the enhanced and easy-to-use features of new Screen Grabber Pro that are incomplete and out of order in other screen recorders.

  1. Basic Recording Feature:

The primary recording feature is quite improved, there are numerous audio input and output qualities available to choose from, plus exclusive audio recording from microphone or computer screen are processed with optimized quality. There are six choices for only audio function, the user can choose from mp3, aac, Ogg, WMA, Wav, and FLAC audio formats.

  1. AudioVisual Screen Recording:


Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro has an incredible screen recording feature to record and capture anything going on on your computer screen. You can choose audio input from system or microphone, or select any region of your screen to customize display recording area. Enjoy live picture-in-picture effect along with new editing tools to make that video more fun. Personalized Video recording let users modify and switch between the screens, full-screen recording tool enables its users to record everything from top to bottom of desired output quality, Around Mouse feature allows recording screen around the cursor in desired video quality intelligently. Press the red colored STOP button to end and save the recording.

3. Scheduled Screen Recording:

Set up recording timings and save them to your Screen Grabber Pro software, it will remember and automatically starts recording the event in the scheduled time. Suppose, an educational webinar is going to be held in your office or college hours, what you have to do is set the timing of the scheduled event going to be live, the expected duration of that event, and leave your laptop or desktop running with an active internet at the time, and consider it done. Manage daily and weekly tasks and activities quickly with Screen Grabber’s splendid tool.

acethinker-screen-recorder-34. Edit Videos Real-time:

Yes, you heard it right. Acethinker Screen Grabber now allows its users to add, edit, write, trim, or play with screen resolution while recording the whole process real-time. You can mix your system audio with the microphone, highlight the important notes, add emojis and boxes to text, or add tags to pictures. After you have finished your recordings, Screen Grabber Pro allows editing it once again for any deficit in the recorded data. There are hundreds of watermarks and built-in special effects to choose from Screen Grabber Pro version.


Once you are done with video recording and editing, save it to the designated folder or upload it to Youtube or FTP by using Upload button in Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro. Sign up to the website and directly upload from software to Youtube and FTP.

Christmas Giveaway

In the celebration of Christmas, now you can get  Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro  1 year license for Free at this giveaway page:


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