Most Advance Robot The world Has Ever seen

Most Advance robot Dog

You guys must be thinking what it is? How exactly it look like? who is the most advance robot the world has ever seen? what are the features and what it all can do which will benefit the humans in different ways? so all your answers will be here when you will see the attached videos and read the article which defines all the necessary points which will just give you the imagination that how it can be used and at what level it may harm the humanity in the near future.

I know it all seem to be little unrealistic like in the Terminator series where there were robots who have just attacked the humanity and want to destroy the whole humanity but may be in near future it is going to be true with the artificial intelligence developing at a very speedup level.

As you all know Humans are getting pretty good at designing robots with different works. We’ve got amazingly realistic robot spiders, a robot raptor that can, robot snakes, and hexapod robots with robot snakes for legs. We’ve even left one to its own devices on Mars for the research and different purpose. And now we have ’Spot’, a robotic quadruped or we can say a Robot Dog developed by roboticists at the Boston Dynamics lab, a Google-owned spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), based in the US.
By looking at the point if we see it, we can say that we are very close for building a robot army as you all can see in the movies,but there’s no guarantee that once we do, we’ll be able to continue to bend them or they are going to bend us.


In all seriousness, The robot dog named Spot is such an incredible piece of technology. It’s a more refined version of Boston Dynamics’ WildCat robot, which it showed off in late 2013. Less bulky, and more agile, Spot is electrically powered, with four hydraulic legs, and uses a sensor built into its ‘head’ to help it navigate its surroundings, so it can walk or trot its 72-kilogram (160-pound) body over hills, down stairs, or through urban bushland. And boy, can it sustain a kick, even if it looks heart breakingly wounded on the inside as it does it.
So guys the the robots are coming, are we going to be smart enough to handle them?
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