After FaceApp, this AI is converting People’s Photo into a Renaissance Portrait


In the last couple of weeks, Face App went all viral among the audience. After Instagram filters and Snapchat masks, AI renders are the latest technology that can change the way you look. An enormous number of people of all the ages tried and used this application. Though the major turn off for this app was the application’s Terms and Conditions policy that claimed that user data such as pictures will be uploaded without the knowledge of the users. However, just like Face App, we have one more website set up by a team of MIT and IBM researchers. The name of the website is

The main purpose of this website is to turn your boring selfies into works of Renaissance art. is an easy-to-use website. All you need to do is, upload your image and the site will provide you with the available options of the styles of an undefined renaissance artist. However, there is no way of choosing which style you would like your face to be rendered in. The website uses an AI model trained on 45,000 portraits. The styles of the portraits range from the early renaissance to the contemporary period.

Currently, the website is overloaded with traffic from wannabe art subjects. The website claims that it does not hinder the user’s privacy. The website does not request access to all the photos on the user’s phone. Any images uploaded to the site are deleted and not stored.

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