Akyumen launches Cool Accessories for Mobile Devices

Akyumen launches Cool Accessories for Mobile Devices 1

As promised at IAMAI digital summit presentation by Hitesh from Akyumen. Akyumen phone has had a successful launch at WMC 2016. Additionally they also launch their cool  Accessories. They also focus on the small problems of daily mobile or tablet Users such as good quality earphones for music lovers, Bluetooth speakers for loud and clear sound wirelessly and mobile charging with potable battery.

Akyumen proves to be innovative for making and designing their products. All the 3 Mobile Accessories are very well design and build quality of the accessories has very premium finished.

DNA Earbuds

earphone-DNA Earbuds

Akyumen DNA Earbuds are very flexible headphones which have been designed with very premium. These DNA Ear Buds from Akyumen ensure the ultimate fit, no matter the size or shape of your ears. It also gives a single in-line remote button which helps you to have a unparalleled control over your headphones. It also helps to use it to cycle through your music tracks and phone calls. Its sound localization creates the perfect audio environment for media playback as per the company says.

DNA Speaker

speaker-DNA Speaker

This is a Bluetooth speaker which is packed compact with portable design allowing for a new music experience anywhere. It also comes with a premium finish design and sound quality of the speaker is crystal clear .It has a unique app which allows the wireless connectivity with your smart phone, tablet, or any other handheld device. Its app remembers your devices, allowing for automatic pairing. With audio detection technology, the Akyumen DNA Speakers provide enhanced sound separation and interpretation for fuller sound and better frequencies for different musical styles.

Sabor Power Stand

Sabor Power Stand

Saber Power Stand is the all-in-one charging dock which is a very useful accessories. A one-stop source of power for all of your devices, the Saber Power Stand offers two convenient USB ports for your mobile, tablet and more. It has multi-use USB ports which allow the additional battery life of five hours or more – compatible with all conventional smart phones and tablets. Capable of storing data of up to 1 terabyte, the Saber Power Stand doubles as your own personal remote network.


All the devices by Akyumen are very useful and nicely built.

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  1. g,day ,always enjoy reading your tech reports, the new akyumen projector phones look really cool is it true they will be sold first in India, ,can you give me details thanks yours sincerely. Robert livingstone

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