Amazon Alexa skills now available to customers on iOS devices

Amazon Alexa skills now available to customers on iOS devices

Good news for iOS users! Amazon Alexa, that has always been at the fingertips of an Android user will now be available for iOS users also. Alexa is a high-tech assistant computerized by Amazon. In other words, we can address it as a home automation system. From setting alarms to switching on and off the geyser while being in bed, it can do every task, just name it and it’s done. With everything getting smarter day by day, make your home appliances smart and its assistant smartest.

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Earlier, the company has introduced the feature of Amazon Alexa within Amazon Echo, this gave the customers the convenience to work without moving from their place like switching on the lamp, turn on the ACs, TVs or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie. With this recent update, iOS device customers can access all Alexa skills that include remotely controlling the home, listening​ to music, asking questions, Alexa calling, access to Alexa skills and many more, just by using their voice.

Working with Alexa can also help the customers to find nearby restaurants and movies theatres, just click on the Alexa button and say “show me restaurants nearby” or “what movies are playing near me today?”, you’ll get the desired results. The app is designed to show an on-screen response so that customers can see additional details for things like weather forecasts, sports scores, movies timing, calendar appointments, remainder, etc.

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Adding to the functionalities of the recently launched Echo Spot, Alexa has now been equipped with the program to show live feeds from an Alexa-compatible camera on the screen of the Echo Spot. Customers can use the Ezviz Mini O Wi-Fi Camera or the D-Link DCS-P6000LH Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera to view a camera location without lifting a finger by using your Echo Spot. Just say “Alexa, show the kids room” or “Alexa, show me the backyard. “It sports a Smart Voice Remotes such as OakRemote from Oakter and Silvan Sirus. These devices come pre-configured for major satellite TV provider and can switch on/off the set-top box. Just say “Alexa, set AC temperature to 24 degrees” or “Alexa, change the channel to IndiaTV on the TV”. Sony’s latest Bravia Smart TV (select models) now come pre-installed with an Alexa skill to help customers control their TVs using their voice and speaking to their Echo devices.

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