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Top 5 Best Weather Apps for Android (2019)

Weather condition is something that we all pretty much need to know but you just can’t toss and predict the weather. With the advancement in technology we now have weather apps and weather widgets that are continuously improving over the years. Every smart phone today has a widget, that forecasts the weather. However, there are plenty of weather apps available for Android and iPhone that can forecast the weather all around the world. But the thing is how to choose the right weather app so that one can get precise or accurate report about the weather. Some apps can show climate and nature change on the planet for the certain time period or to give the current climate data whereas some apps can only detect the temperature. To narrow your search and to save your time, here is the list of top 5 best weather apps that you must go for:

Top 5 Best Weather Apps for Android

  1. Weather Timeline

[appbox googleplay com.samruston.weather screenshots]

Weather Timeline is a simple application with a graceful design that focuses on depicting the next hour, the next 48 hours and the next week weather conditions. Just to provide an ease to the users the it presents the forecast in the form of timeline, so that one can easily glance at the information. This application features bold use of colour to increase legibility. Other major features of this application include- multiple weather provider options, easy to understand graphs and charts of temperature, rain etc, Android wear support and Table layout.

  1. Weather forecast

[appbox googleplay com.graph.weather.forecast.channel screenshots]

Weather forecast application forecasts weather daily and hourly. It is basically a weather channel which has accurate weather information. This app allows you to see weather in any places you like, ex: London weather, Paris weather, San Francisco weather etc. It displays the full report of the weather which includes location, time, temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity dew point and wind speed and its direction. It is very much accurate and reliable application.

  1. AccuWeather

[appbox googleplay com.accuweather.android screenshots]

This application gives you all relevant weather news and also keeps on updating you with minute-by-minute local weather alerts. The top 3 features of this application are- it gives daily weather updates for the current temperature with local weather radar maps, the live weather reports by AccuWeather gives you an insight about the local temperature and daily forecast for whether or not it’ll be rain, sun or beach weather, and the RealFeel Temperature shows you how the weather today actually feels outside.

  1. Weather Live pro

[appbox googleplay com.tohsoft.weather.radar.widget.live.pro screenshots]

This application is not a free application but features all the major features that a weather app must have without displaying any add in between. It is a perfect application with local weather, weather map and weather widgets on home screen. It only provides the current weather in hourly forecast but also forecasts 7 days weather in detail. It also features -Weather red alert, hurricane tracker & more weather warnings, Sunrise sunset time daily in weather next week, and Live weather radar that’s auto-running.

  1. Today Weather

[appbox googleplay mobi.lockdown.weather screenshots]

It is an easy, beautiful and simple to use weather application that can give you the world’s most accurate local weather forecast. This app displays weather forecast clearly and it is easy to understand, the best thing about this application is that the moment you open the application you can see thousands of pictures corresponding to the weather and the day. This app also protects your health with air quality, UV index and pollen count. It also features -daily weather forecast notification, Alert about severe weather and Rain alarm.


In the above mentioned weather apps, the best weather app that I personally recommend is Weather Forecast. The reason for choosing Weather Forecast is because it provides live weather forecast for free. Apart from Weather Forecast, Today Weather is also an good option as it allows you to take and share photo with weather information for friend.

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