Amazon Echo Auto Launched in India, Priced at Rs. 4,999

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Music Streaming and smart speakers are in trend and looking at the popularity of the smart speakers, Amazon has recently launched its latest Echo product named Amazon Echo Auto. It is designed specifically for in-car usage and enables access to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in the car. The Amazon Echo Auto allows users to stream music from any Alexa linked streaming services, as well as users can request information from Alexa on a variety of topics of their choice.

  1. The Amazon Echo Auto connects to the 2V electrical socket typically found in most cars and relies on an app on your smartphone for connectivity.
  2. The Amazon Echo Auto offers eight microphones to listen to Alexa’s wake word.
  3. The Amazon Echo Auto offers access to streaming music, audiobooks, information on landmarks and points of interest, Alexa Skills, and more.
  4. The Amazon Echo Auto does not have a speaker and instead, it connects to the user’s car stereo system using a 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth for audio.
  5. There are two buttons available on Amazon Echo Auto; the action button and the microphone mute button and it also has an indicator light at the front.
  6. The Amazon Echo Auto is powered by a MediaTek MT7697 processor.
  7. Users can use the Amazon Echo Auto for hands-free voice-controlled access to their smartphone.

Apart from Amazon Echo Auto, Amazon also has a wide range of Echo devices that are available in India. The name of the devices are Echo Input Portable, Echo Flex, and Echo Studio.

The Amazon Echo Auto is priced for Rs. 4,999. It is currently available for pre-order and will be shipped starting from January 15.

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