Meet the World’s First Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

Meet the World’s First Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

In this digital age, the world is constantly under the threat of cyber attacks. According to a survey conducted, 8 out of 10 Internet users don’t even feel that they have control over the data which they have shared online. However, several steps have been taken to help users worldwide so that feel secure online. Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be a solution that can help online users to regain data ownership or feel as secure as they were before the arrival of the Internet.

On the first Consumer Electronics Show event that is going to take place in February, the world will witness the launch of the world’s first Blockchain-Powered smartphone, named as Blok On Blok. The latest BOB prototype will be exhibited at the CES 2020 at Sands, Hall G – 52501 in Eureka Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. The smartphone has been recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree in the CES 2020 Innovation Award.

About Blok On Blok:

  1. It is a Singapore-based blockchain startup Pundi X’s flagship smartphone product which was first introduced as the XPhone at the now historic Bali Blockchain Summit back in October 2018.
  2. The Pundi X created a special operating system for BOB, called f(x) or Function X OS.
  3. This OS empowers BOB users to access the Function X ecosystem. Hence, every call, text, or action made online, either through a browser or an app is decentralized.
  4. Each BOB function works as a node and any action that takes place within the blockchain mode of f(x) OS does not require a centralized service provider or carrier.

Pundi X CEO & Co-founder, Zac Cheah said that in the field of digitization, users need to become extra careful about what they share online and try to secure all that’s left of their privacy and their lives. He added that users now wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore with BOB it allows users to reclaim their Privacy.

The BOB is developed with a function that allows users to switch between blockchain mode and traditional mode. The Traditional model operates on Android 9 Pie OS.

Features of the BlockChain Mode:

Users are assured that all calls, text messages and actions made are secure and private as they don’t go through any centralized service provider. And all these are made possible by Function X.

Specifications of BOB:

  1. It comes in a retro-futuristic look
  2. It gives users the data ownership and decentralized data transmission online
  3. The BOB package comes with a MOD assembly kit that includes the following core components:
  4. Motherboards
  5. display screens,
  6. Cameras
  7. audio speakers
  8. Button
  9. other related accessories.
  10. After the accessories are fully assembled the BOB will look like a tech junkie’s smartphone.

Price and Availability:

Interested buyers can pre-order the smartphone on Indiegogo on January 7at 9am PST with early bird discounts. It comes with a retail price of USD 599.

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