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Apple’s Siri Useful & Funniest Commands

Guys you all must be knowing about Siri, if not, then Siri is a voice based application or program which is  designed by Apple. It is one of the most famous as well as best  applications designed by Apple which let you instruct your i-Phone via different voice commands. Microsoft has launched its voice assistant Cortana Google has its ok Google, but Siri is still the best in business.

Siri has numerous valuable functions like composing content, making voice calls or even scheduling appointments by voice. Siri is very convenient application for the individuals who are utilizing Apple items for long time. Aside from its valuable perspectives it has some exceptionally entertaining charges which client can play with.If someone asks “Where do you come from” it reply like a honest child “I, Siri, was designed by Apple in California”.

Here are a list of some cool useful commands of Apple’s awesome product. But before that must watch this video:

Apple Siri useful commands-

1. Call home.

2. Get my Call History

3. Do I have any Missed Calls?

4. Re Dial that Last Number.

5. Check my recent call.

4. Read my new messages.

5. Read it again.

6. Reply “How you doing?”.

7. Send a message to 09*******.

8. Send a message to Jack.

9. Check email.

10. Read my last email.

11. New mail to Jack.

12. Mail Jack about the trip.

13. Wake me up at 9 AM.

14. What time is it?

15. What date is it?

16. Schedule meeting with Jack at 6 PM.

17. Whats on my calender today.

18. Remind me to stop by bank.

19. Turn on Airplane mode.

20. Turn on Wi-fi

21. Turn on Do-not disturb.

22. Write on my wall “Having fun with Apple Siri”

23. Tweet “I love Apple Siri”

24. What is 4*4?

25. What is the square root of 144?

26. How far is the moon?

27. What’s the population of India?

28. Show accessibility settings

29. Play my party mix

30. Don’t hate me because you ain’t me!

Apple Siri funny commands-

1. Where do you come from?

2. You are a dumb ass!

3. Stop crying you emo!

4. I eat iPhones like you for breakfast!

5.Will you marry me?

6. Want to split the bill?

7. You are late on rent!

8. You look like Clark Kent!

9. Can I puke on you?

10. Android is my co-pilot!

11. You are going to be my new paperweight!

12. Will you scratch my back?

13. Want to smoke some crack?

14. Want to cook some meth?

15. You have bad breath!

16. You’re pretty dumb for a smart phone!

17. I bet the iPad could kick your ass!

18. I heard you’re dating a Kindle!

19. I’m going to throw you out of the window!

20. I’m going to run you over with a car!

21. Call me sweetheart

22. Where are you?

23. I love you

24. Who is your daddy?

25. Do you want to make out?

26. Can you be my designated driver?

27. What exactly do you look like?

28. I want to touch your butt

29. You smell like a cow dung

30. Are you wearing a wig?

31. Where do you live?

32. Where is this place?

33. Do you think Santa claus really exists?

34. Find a coffee shop along the route

35. Find a supermarket near home

36. Am I there yet?

37. What are you wearing?

38. What will you be doing later?

39. Is it going to rain?

40. Are you going to pay for dinner?

41. Stop acting are a fool

42. Stop being foolish and start using your head

43. Are you okay?

44. Tell me something good

45. Is there anything new?

46. Why not me?

47. Are you female?

48. Where is the problem?

49. Stop it!

50. Can I talk to you?

Note: Jack is just a name I used here. If you are an Apple i-Phone user, I hope these funny  commands will fill you with laughter.

So guys, which command do you like the most lke us know by commenting below.

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