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Aqara, a brand that aims to make innovative smart home solutions, is back with another product. The products by Aqara are easy to use and can be customized in a variety of ways to support your lifestyle needs. Recently, the brand has launched an affordable, secure, and smart video camera named Aqara G2H Smart Camera.

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Aqara G2H is a basically the HomeKit version of the G2 home smart camera. Moreover, this product has passed the Apple HomeKit certification and can strictly protect your privacy and security. The HomeKit security video is supported by iCloud, and the AI detection technique can recognize humans and animals intelligently.

The smart camera features IR night-vision and supports Intercom and video messages to remote communication. The device comes with a 1080P ultra high definition and a 140-degree wide-angle lens, this feature will help the users to watch kids and animals more clearly.

Aqara G2H Smart Camera Features

1. HomeKit Security Video

The Aqara G2H Smart Camera has passed strict Apple Homekit security certification. The camera adopts end-to-end encryption technologies. Each and every recorded video will be encrypted and protected before it is uploaded to the cloud. Users can control their cameras to perform video streaming transmitting and recording. This helps to prevent the videos from hackers from invading data privacy, and hence, it will strictly protect your home.

2. 1080P Ultra high definition

The smart camera features 1080P ultra high definition and 140-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, and it can capture every detail.

3. Image Sensor

The smart camera features an image sensor that helps in increasing sensitivity by 42%. Moreover, you do not have to worry about no red exposure at night vision, and that allows users to see everything by your eyes in day or night.

4. AI Detection

The camera features AI image recognition technology that helps in recognizing and analyzing humans and animals in the image and instantly sends the notifications when someone is detected. AI detection technology also filters ineffective notifications caused by curtains and mosquitoes.

5. Real-time video intercom

This feature helps users to remotely view video and images in real-time, and can even make instant voice calls. The camera comes with an omnidirectional noise-cancelling microphone. The inbuilt microphone and speaker helps to make communication smoother.

6. One-Click Video Message

You just have to press the button for 3 seconds and record the video message and push it on the application. This feature helps you to make communication and companionship easier. 

7. Customize your sleep time

The automation settings of the camera help you to control the camera to turn on or off. The camera will automatically enter the sleep mode at the present time and will further protect your privacy. 

8. Sound monitoring

The camera detects abnormal sound, and it automatically records the video. 

9. Control devices while watching videos

This feature allows users to control every device interaction via remote.

Aqara G2H Smart Camera Price and Availability:

The Aqara G2H Smart CameraThe device is available on gearbest.com and is priced for $91.11. However, currently, the device is available on a discount of 35% and is available for $58.99

Buy Aqara G2H on SALE

If you have any questions for this new Aqara G2H Smart Camera, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we always welcome to answer your questions. Thank you and stay subscribed for more content.

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