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Architect and Design Industry Trends For 2022

Throughout the years, the way in which the architect and design industry operates has evolved for the better thanks to advancements made in technology and the development of the digital age. It has been reported that the architect industry market size will increase by 5.9% in 2022, further adding to the ways in which the industry has changed. 

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With a rise in growth and popularity, various new trends will always be established each and every year. Such popular trends can change the way in which architects and designers work, plan and deliver their final product. This article will highlight some of the most popular trends in 2022, and how architects and designers can use these trends to their advantage. 


Architect and Design Industry Trends

Environmentally Friendly Designs and Sustainability

Most businesses operating in any type of industry are doing their best to promote and practice environmentally friendly tactics within their day-to-day operations. Taking care of the planet is extremely important, especially in 2022, when there seems to be some sort of crisis around every corner. 

The architect industry is truly highlighting sustainability and eco-friendly practices in 2022 through sustainable architecture. This type of architecture seeks to do minimal damage to the environment by decreasing the number of materials, energy, and space used, improving overall efficiency. 

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Not only does sustainable architecture seek to create something beneficial to the environment, but architects also wish to design buildings or homes that will be healthy for the individuals living in it. Such designs ensure adequate ventilation and temperature control, utilizing materials that do not emit any type of toxic gas. 

An example of such a building is the Bullitt Center in Seattle, a green commercial building where all of the energy comes from renewable sources. 

Purchasing Products From Online Stores

The digital age has evolved to such a large extent that most shopping can be done from the comfort of one’s own home. This extends to those working in almost any industry, such as the design and architecture industry. Nowadays, designers and architects can purchase the perfect product they wish to utilize for their designs with a click of a button. 

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Gone are the days of visiting physical stores and needing to make various different trips to locate the best type of interior design product. 

Design Defender places its focus on pleasing architects and designers who are looking for original products manufactured by some of the best and most iconic designers in the world. 

Their goals are to protect the industry from forgeries whilst having a well-designed website that uses innovative and state-of-the-art technology and algorithms to rank products in an instant when users perform a search, saving much time and energy. 

They are able to improve the way in which architects and designers operate thanks to the website offering the ability to create a toolbox where products and resources can be organized. Design Defender also gives designers the opportunity to link with one another for more inspiration and collaboration. 

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Less Complexity In Designs

In previous years, the complexity of specific designs for homes, buildings, offices, and more have been toned down, and this is more so apparent in 2022. Simplicity is becoming key, in design and overall execution.

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Architects and designers are starting to highlight the need for functionality over certain designs that might look amazing, but might not be suitable for day-to-day situations. Minimalism is becoming a big trend for most in 2022, and this shows in the designs created by architects. 

Multifunctional In Designs 

Architects and designers know that space can be minimal at times, which is why they incorporate multifunctionality into their plans and goals. Now that we are spending more time at home and working from home, having designs that can be a living space and office space at the exact same time is convenient and efficient. 

Final Thoughts 

Designers and architects should take advantage of these trends and incorporate them into their overall design philosophy to create something innovative and unique that fits with industry standards whilst satisfying consumers.

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Design Industry trends are constantly evolving and changing year after year, so it is important to get a good understanding from the start to get a head start. 

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