7 Best Procreate for Windows 10 Free Download

Best Procreate for Windows 10 Free Download
Procreate for Windows

Is procreate only for iPad? Can I get Procreate for Windows? Here is Best Procreate for Windows 10. Due to the fast-paced technology in the current world, a massive amount of opportunities have opened up for artists and creators. A lot of them have been working hard and creating masterpieces with the tools available to them. A lot of different kinds of applications have been published just for the sole purpose of helping out those artists and the creators.

One of the well-known apps amongst others is Procreate. It’s a raster graphics editor app available only for iOS and iPad OS. It’s majorly used for digital painting and it was launched in 2011 on the Apple Store. It has gained a lot of popularity ever since and has become the go-to app for a lot of artists out there.


This post is going to be about the Best Procreate for Windows 10 and if you looking for Best Procreate for Android then you must check that article as well.

Best Procreate for Windows 10


Best Procreate for Windows 10 Free Download

It is a drawing and painting software that allows designers or architects to put their ideas on the screen and it also allows them to create beautiful illustrations. It is one of the Procreate Alternative for Windows10. It’s a space where you can use professional drawing tools with easy to use interface and it supports a stylus and touch input.

It consists of over 190 customizable brushes which can help create different textures and shapes. It’s available for Windows, iOS, and Android.

2.MediBang Paint

 - 7 Best Procreate for Windows 10 Free Download

It’s yet another app that can be used across any platform like PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android. The website provides you with easy-to-understand basic tutorials on how to use the application for respective devices. You can edit multiple layers or even move objects through multiple layers based on your needs.

The goal of this company is to bring people together with the help of art. It allows creators to convert their comics to e-books in a fraction of time and share it across different social media platforms. It’s one of those apps that allow you to create comic books with ease and illustrations too!

3.Inkscape – Draw Freely

 - 7 Best Procreate for Windows 10 Free Download

With flexible drawing tools, broad file format compatibility, powerful text tools and, bezier and spiro curves, Inkscape helps you create vector imagery with ease. This app allows cross-platform which basically means that you can it across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux distributions.

Inkscape is free to use, install and you can get a peek at their source code if that’s something you would like to explore. There are loads of learning resources available that can help you get friendly to the app and its working.


 - 7 Best Procreate for Windows 10 Free Download

Concepts are fueled by the next generation hybrid vector-raster fluid engine that features 64-bit precision with multi-threaded rendering and you have an infinite canvas to show your creativity. The app is built for high-performance 120 Hz displays and ultra-low stylus such as Apple Pencil or Surface pen.

There’s a lot of flexibility that comes along with this app which makes it, even more, user-friendly and approachable for artists. Their website says the free version of Concepts is like a “sketchbook on steroids” All you need to do is download the app and start sketching. For professionals, there are multiple pricing options available.


 - 7 Best Procreate for Windows 10 Free Download

Affinity brings a lot of its apps to the table like Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher. Each of these apps serves its own purpose in a unique manner. And they have stated the fact that their apps are now fully optimized for the new M1 Macs that Apple launched a while ago. There are step-by-step guides on how to use the designer tools and their shortcuts.

The company originally started out in 1987 with the aim to develop creative software for Windows. Now, they have a case full of variable options that allow you to create anything and everything that you desire to make as an artist.


 - 7 Best Procreate for Windows 10 Free Download

It’s a free graphic designing software since its inception and it aims to provide artists and studios with everything they need to create their digital art. There are no trials, no subscriptions, and no limits to your creativity. This app also has a very user-friendly interface and most of it is customizable.

With over 100 brushes and brush stabilizers, it ensures a variety of textures and designs. The built-in vector tools come in very handily to create comic panels. You can even choose to animate your drawings and creations to share with your friends. And, do not worry, they have a guide for most of the things that you will need to understand the software even if you are still a beginner.

7.Adobe Illustrator

 - 7 Best Procreate for Windows 10 Free Download

This one probably doesn’t need any introduction but Illustrator by Adobe is also a very commonly used tool amongst artists and designers for efficient workflows and results. It does come at a price though.

The features provided by the software justify it anyway. You can turn shapes and colours into logos and icons using this tool and it’s vector-based so your artwork is going to look sharp no matter how much you upscale it. It has tons of more features that include anything from banner design to a wallpaper maker.

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FAQ: Best Procreate for Windows 10

How can I download procreate for Windows 10 for free?

Steps to Free Download Procreate for Windows: First you can download iOS emulator and just install procreate to it.

How do I download procreate for Windows?

you can download Procreate for windows by using emulator or use procreate alternative for windows 10.

Is procreate for Windows free?

Even though Procreate App is officially available for Apple users only, you can use iOS emulator for windows.

How much is procreate on Windows?

Procreate costs $9.99 on Apple products. For windows you can procreate alternatives.

Conclusion: Best Procreate for Windows 10?

These are some of the commonly used apps that you can try if you are looking for an alternative for Procreate. If you are a freelancer or a professional I would suggest giving Illustrator a try if you haven’t already. Choose the application as per your need and enjoy creating!

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