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Are You Finding The Best DVD Ripper For Mac?


Since the advent of DVD, it is found to be ease to carry the discs and creating the good quality of images and videos has ensured that its popularity has never reduced. Collecting the movies DVD is found to be a hobby for many people, and the basic reason behind this is to have the collection of favourite movies that might be rare to get.

Although storing the videos and images in DVD is safe, these items tend to get easily damaged and scratched. Keeping this in mind and need to protect the DVD from such damages a new kind of software has been introduced in the market, popularly known as DVD Ripper for Mac.

Using this specific software, you can rip or copy your DVD on your Mac device without affecting the video or image’s original quality. With this software’s help, you can keep your favourite movie DVD in digital form where the digital version maintains the quality of the original video or image and then you can use the files on portable mediums such as iPod, PSP, iPhone, iPad and Xbox.

Best Mac DVD Ripper: MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacX is admired and powerful application for ripping any kind of DVD on Mac Catalina. If you are looking for the similar MacX DVD ripper pro for your Mac, it is best to choose the OS X DVD ripping software.

This software can rip DVD to almost any kind of format that you want in original quality, and it also does the work in fast speed. The MacX DVD ripper pro software makes the Mac DVD ripping a totally hassle-free and fun. This is an excellent tool for Macintosh users to rip DVD to the different audio and video formats.

The following are the features of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro software. They are.

  • It is excellent and powerful DVD ripper for Mac that can rip protected/encrypted DVDs
  • This software offers excellent ripping quality at the fastest speed.
  • It supports almost all homemade/commercial DVDs
  • The software allows you to completely rip the whole or selected chapters of a DVD

Using this software, you can adjust the settings like hue, saturation, brightness and contrast before ripping the DVD.

This Mac DVD ripping software stores everything you want to put in the DVD movies on your portable device and mobile gadgets. If you want to copy the movie on the hard disk in Mac, you can easily copy the movie without any problem by using this software.

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Best Free DVD Ripper for Mac: Handbrake

The Handbrake is the best software for open-source DVD video ripping of unprotected DVDs for advanced users. It is a comprehensive ripping tool that is available for free on the internet were using this software is a little complicated one. Also, it is slower compared to many other DVD ripping software available on the internet.

The handbrake DVD ripper software allows the user to rip the unprotected DVD files, and it is also powerful software that does the video transcoder. The software has a huge number of features compared to other DVD ripping software.

The handbrake software’s advanced users can use this software to remove subtitles, sharpen, mix audio tracks, rotate, frame rates, manipulate, de-interlace, and add the chapter marks to the video file.

  • Supports the multiple input and output video and audio formats
  • The user can add or remove the subtitles.
  • Batch scanning is supported.
  • Customize the video before ripping
  • Built-in presets

This powerful software comes with the jam-packed features useful to the users for ripping their favourite DVD movies into the hard disk or DVD storage. The handbrake software DVD ripping tool is recommended to the advanced users due to its complex nature.

However, since it’s an open-source and free program, the software does have some limitations like unable to rip copy-protected discs unless you know how to use the third-party encoder with it. The speed also slower compared to the paid alternative.


The DVD ripping software is a handy and powerful software that helps you rip or back up the DVD video files with original quality and faster speed to safely and secure your favourite movie DVD.

If you are limited in budget, you can use the freeware software like Handbrake to help you rip the DVDs. Still, freeware has some limitations like a drop in video output quality and cannot rip the DRM copy-protected discs.

You can also use the paid software like MacX DVD ripper pro that can help you back up the DVDs faster and more efficiently. The program is very stable and able to deal with commercial DVDs with good video quality output.

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