Asus ROG emerges as No. 1 in the Gaming category

ASUS ROG is the NO.1 in the Gaming Laptop category

ASUS ROG is the fortune magazine’s world’s most admired companies. The ASUS brand is dedicated to creating products for smart life. As per the latest news, ASUS has climbed to the top slot in the gaming segment. These rankings are revealed by an independent global data science firm named as Growth from knowledge. As per GFK(Growth from knowledge), ASUS ROG is claimed to be the number one slot in the gaming laptop segment for two consecutive quarters of 2019.

Arnold Su, Business Head, PC & Gaming, Asus India said that It is a pivotal moment for us at Asus ROG. With innovation deeply seeped into the brand’s fabric, the feat has been achieved with our utmost focus on delivering better value for money and solving the pain points braved by the passionate gamers. We plan to further disrupt the market status quo in times to come by delivering cutting-edge innovation within a comfortable price bracket. Riding on the back of this fundamental approach, we expect to solidify our leadership position by the end of this year.

ASUS ROG is aiming for 40%market share in the gaming laptop space by 2020. Currently ASUS is leading the market with an overall market share ranging between  25%-30%. The company continues to put efforts to expand its portfolio and engagement with the gaming community, because India is a key market for it.

On my thoughts, Asus is one of the Best Gaming Laptop Brand in the market. I and My whole team uses Asus ROG laptops to do all the daily stuff from Article Writing to FHD Video Rending and offcourse Playing High Graphics Games. We have not a single issue in terms of performance.

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