Aura Air: The World’s First Total Air Solution

Aura Air: The World's First Total Air Solution
We all are aware of the presence of chemicals and compounds in the air which lowers the air quality and affects health. Even your own house is not pollutant free. Dust and harmful chemicals in the air can cause respiratory diseases. Aura air purifier is the world’s first total air solution that purifies the air in the home and reduces the effect of allergens. It is best for asthma patients and allergy sufferers as it improves indoor air quality very smartly.

So, this is how it works.

Aura air is equipped with everything you need to purify and manage indoor air. It has 5 stages of air purifying system. Firstly, air molecules, dust particles, pollens, moulds etc get trapped in Prefilters. Then there is UV led for bacteria and viruses. Behind that is RAY Filter for smallest particles like micro dust and germs. The smart fabric filter is coated with copper and carbon that Absorbs smells and harmful gases. Lastly, Stereoizer completes the purifying process.
This device has various variants with multiple filters that will last up to 2-3 years thereby providing you with the clean air to breathe. Indoor air comprises of pesticides, gas leaks, pollens, moulds and home created toxins. Indoor air is 5 times more polluted than the outside air according to USEPA.

Other benefits

Aura Air is a four-in-one air purifier that analyses the rate of the air by circulating it and telling you what’s going on with your air while predicting future problems. It purifies and disinfects the air with five different filters. It functions as a carbon mono oxide and smoke detector unit. Moreover, it recognizes the quality of air outside your home.

This device is easy to install and smaller in size which makes it look alluring. This air analyser has an app that keeps you updated about the recent condition of the air. It tells the level of the air, gives tips for improving indoor air quality and shows a graph of air quality overtimes. Furthermore, it works as a guide that tells you whether to jog or not on the basis of outside weather.

Do I need it?

Aura Air: The World's First Total Air Solution Um…let’s just say you do. It might not be that top-notch-state-of-the-art product but its good, really good. In this overgrowing population, pollution and climate change is another subject, your country might not accept it, but I’m sure you do. And if you do, then please take care of your health and environment. Take that step in the right direction, at least for today, at least for now.


Aura air purifier is exclusively available on priced at $389. For the Early Birds, there will be 41% off on worldwide shipping which is $229. In this amount, you’ll get an Aura Air Device, Aura Air Filter that will last up to 1 year and an Aura Air App. Know more about this awesome gadget from here.

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