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Automated Regression Testing: All You Need to Know

Organizations across the globe have embraced Agile and DevOps form of software development approaches. According to a Gitlab DevOps survey, around 35 percent of the organizations use DevOps while 31 percent use Agile form of development. Agile and DevOps form of development is all about releasing software updates on a more frequent basis. Whenever an update is rolled out, regression testing needs to be performed. Since the speed of development has made it mandatory to perform regression testing on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis, doing this manually isn’t a viable option. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss what regression testing is and how automation can help your organization in achieving digital transformation.

What is Regression testing?

Regression Testing is a form of black box testing that aims to verify if any errors have been introduced into the software after modifications have been made. It involves re-executing previously executed test cases to ensure that the existing functionalities continue to work properly.

Whenever new code changes, business processes, or integrations are introduced, there is a possibility of impacting the existing code. To mitigate potential risks, regression testing is employed. Its purpose is to ensure that the previously developed and tested code remains functional and unaffected by the introduction of new features or code changes.

What is Automated Regression testing?

When regression testing is performed with the help of a test automation tool, it is called automated regression testing. Since regression testing involves re-execution of the test cases to ensure that change in the code hasn’t impacted the existing functionality, automation allows test cases to be run automatically against the software application. The results are compared to find out any discrepancies. With automated testing, organizations can save time and effort compared to manual testing. 

Examples of Regression testing 

  1. Oracle Cloud Quarterly Updates

Oracle Cloud ERP is a globally recognized suite of enterprise apps. To help its customers manage their business efficiently, Oracle rolls out quarterly updates. These updates come with new features and functionalities. Since these updates have the potential to negatively impact the existing features, regression testing is required before and after the rolling out of the updates

. As Oracle Cloud requires at least 8 rounds of regression testing, doing this manually can be very challenging. Furthermore, Oracle offers 2 weeks of testing window during which organizations can test and report anything unusual. The frequency of testing and short testing window is a real challenge that ERP managers face while maintaining their applications. Thus, automated regression testing is a perfect use-case for Oracle Cloud Apps.    

  1. Workday Weekly Service Updates and Biannual Updates

Workday is a globally recognized HCM solution. To improve its performance, Workday offers weekly service updates. Apart from this, Workday also rolls out two major releases in a year. Since Workday has exposed its APIs for custom development, regression testing during every update is mandatory for business continuity. Since manual execution of regression tests is a complicated task, you need to bring in test automation.

Concluding remark

As you’re now aware that manual regression testing is a daunting task, it is recommended that you bring in an automated regression testing tool. Test automation tools can automate repetitive steps, cutting down on testing cycles. This allows QA teams to test regressions within a short span of time. 

However, selecting the right testing tool is the key to success. The reason being, in most of the cases, business users perform regression testing. As they are non technical folks, it is recommended that you should opt for no code test automation platform. Some of the available codeless test automation tools include Leapwork, Opkey, and Katalon. However, if your team is good enough in coding and programming, you can also opt for Selenium also. 

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