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3 Lesser Know Benefits of a GPS Tracking App for Cars

If you run a fleet of two or more cars and want to enhance vehicle performance and safety, then exploring GPS tracking app for cars is your best bet. It lets businesses keep track of their vehicles and drivers while also allowing them to efficiently expand their fleet and meet the expectations of their consumers. Besides, such technology also reduces fuel waste, improves maintenance procedures as well as customer service.

When it comes to GPS tracking apps for cars, there are several choices available in the market. KENT CamEye is one of the solutions that offer some of the most advanced features. Their GPS car tracking system lets you monitor the fleet’s location and enables assistance in the event of an emergency. And there‚Äôs more.

Here are some lesser-known benefits of using a GPS tracking app for cars:

GPS Tracking App

  1. Get Real-Time Alerts

Whether it is about the vehicle’s speed reaching the maximum limit, the AC is left on for a longer duration when the vehicle is parked, or the vehicle going out of your chosen geographical areas (geo-fencing range), KENT CamEye sends real-time smart alerts to the smartphone that you have installed its GPS tracking app on. Such warnings help improve the overall management of your car fleet.

2. Monitor Driver Behaviour

Many drivers engage in improper practices, such as rash driving, violation of road rules, and making unauthorized trips for extra income or performing personal tasks. Sometimes, they may even keep the car AC on for a long time even though it is not in motion. These acts may have a detrimental effect on the vehicle as well as lead to monetary losses. Thus, adding to your operational and maintenance expenses.

However, you can keep a detailed check on the driver’s activities when you have a GPS tracking app for cars in your fleet by maintaining communication with the drivers. Through the attached microphone, some high-end devices like KENT CamEye provide a two-way communication facility, allowing you to talk to the driver anytime you want to alert him or advise him. Plus, there are alerts as well to monitor the driver.

3. Record Videos of Inside and Outside Views

There may be occasions when one of your vehicles runs into an accident, but your driver is not at fault. In such instances, even though your driver is innocent, the other party may file a false claim against your company. Without any evidence to prove otherwise, you may not be able to defend yourself.

However, when your fleet is fitted with a security system like KENT CamEye, you will have proper proof based on the recording. Some GPS tracking systems store videos and other cloud data that can be accessed later up to a certain period.

A GPS tracking app for cars has so many advantages for companies, but it is mainly ideal for large businesses that need to handle a large fleet of vehicles.

For several fleet management-related problems, GPS trackers may prove to be the ideal solution. If you select one that comes with a range of advanced features, such as a dual camera, real-time alerts, and recording options, then you can greatly enhance your fleet management.

These devices store all data in the cloud and allow you to maintain an appropriate record of all the necessary information. By enabling you to mitigate losses and take prompt actions, such GPS tracking devices for cars will ensure that you manage your fleet expertly. If you want to know more about the specifications of KENT CamEye in detail, then call them for a free demo today!

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