The Amazing Benefits of Watching TV with Your Family

Benefits of Watching TV with Your Family

In a world run by technology, it is easy to feel lonely, sitting in your room day and night, streaming one season after another, hardly changing out of your clothes, or doing something productive. Binge-watching is a serious addiction with crippling side effects. It makes you lazy, prone to emotional outbursts, and worst of all, it disconnects you from your household. Don’t worry, though. It is possible to turn this around. You just need to have the will to do it.

How? Take the first step out of your den, talk to your family members, order an exciting movie on-demand from your cable provider, and schedule a time to watch it together on your HDTV. Cox cable packages will help you a lot in this regard, by delivering high-quality entertainment to your living room around the clock. Watching TV as a family has numerous benefits, the best of which are covered in this post. Take a look.

Benefits of Watching TV with Your Family

Builds a Sense of Connectedness

Watching TV with your family creates a sense of belongingness, which most of us are seeking nowadays. Human beings are social animals, in essence. Starting from the first cave dwellers, who hunted together, rested together, and shared a bond with each other, and down to the technologically-equipped generation of today, no one likes to be left on their own. The best chances of survival are in a pack. Your family is the first community you come into touch with the moment you are born into this world, and they stay with you forevermore. So, in order to feel like a part of a dynamic group, you need to spend quality time with your folks and sibs. Watching TV is a great source of family quality time.

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But, there is a problem. Everyone has a unique taste for entertainment. Your father likes action, while your mother is into cheesy rom-com. Your sister likes mysteries, while your brother would do anything to catch the latest game. You, yourself, are a fan of good old fantasy. How can you bring everyone around? By finding the best movies and TV shows to watch with your family. There are hundreds of series and blockbuster films out there, which combine various genres. Take the Harry Potter series, for instance. It has action, comedy, romance, mystery, and even sports. The whole story is constructed around fantasy. Therefore, it will be the perfect movie marathon to appease your entire family in a go.

What do we learn from this? That though you, your siblings, or even your parents may have different interests, when you come together to enjoy a show or a movie that entertains thoroughly, you will get a sense of connectedness that you may not find elsewhere. Whether you watch an episode of Parks and Recreation on TV or go for a suspense thriller, you will enjoy laughing at jokes together, tearing up over losses, and collectively musing about plot twists that struck a chord in your heart. Your family bond will be the strongest ever and you’ll hardly feel alone after that. All thanks to your TV.

Educates while it Entertains

Depending on the kind of cable provider you have, you may get your hands on a ton of TV channels, known for broadcasting shows and movies that have the purest moral lessons at their core, subtly woven into the plot. You may also subscribe to premium networks, which educate as well as entertain. The thing is that a family that learns together, stays together. If you are a parent and have kids in the household, you can tune to PBS or other channels with instructive programming, and watch science-centred shows like Nova, nature series like National Geographic Specials, historical dramas like American Experience, or animated shows like Hero Elementary and Arthur, etc.

Such a genre of TV entertainment will help you grasp the level of understanding your kids have at present, let you ask them questions about the important aspects of life, and allow your kids to learn something new every day. Not only that, if you or your spouse catch up with the latest documentaries on television, depicting the world in a new light, you can exchange ideas or spur conversations to grow even closer to each other. Watching home improvement shows together with your family might also inspire you to initiate renovation projects around the house that double up the fun and turn your personal space into the cosiest place ever.

Creates an Air of Collective Catharsis

What is catharsis? It is the relief of pent-up emotions. In the times of Greeks, the playwrights staged dramas in the amphitheatre, which people came from miles away to watch in real-time. Comedies brought on collective laughter, which rang through the air, whereas, tragedies moved the hearts of the audience, which cried together at the deaths of their favourite characters. Cut to modern times, the same effect is possible in today’s setting. When you schedule a Disney classic like Bambi to watch with your family, you will all go through the deer’s pain at the loss of its mother and rejoice at the end. In other words, you will experience a catharsis together, which will ward off the stress or frustration of the day, and help you all start anew.

Wrapping Up

Watching TV with your family has several benefits. It strengths your sense of connectedness, allows you to learn something while being amused, and lets you go through the ride of catharsis together, as explained in this post. So, put everything aside, and have a movie marathon with your loved ones to convert this COVID-imposed lockdown into some memorable quality time.

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