5 Best Alternatives for Microsoft Word

Alternatives for Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is a strong office tool that never fails to deliver. Even with that dominance, alternative Word options still have their place. Outside of the money element, there are may features that make these Word alternatives a solid choice. 

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is the best cloud Word editing for many Brisbane IT support experts. Google has perfected the features of its cloud-based Word alternative while also improving in areas where Word is lacking. It wasn’t too long ago that users considered Google Docs the best choice for quick edits while on the go.

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But in its current state, Google Docs is a major competitor to Microsoft Word. As more and more companies move to cloud computing, Google Docs is at the finish line while Microsoft Office is playing catch up. 

2. Open Office

Open Office is the original Microsoft Office alternative that went commercial in 2002. Although it has since been retired and branched out into other versions, the original Open Office still contains one of the most efficient Word alternatives on the market.

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The latest release was in 2011, and it is still used thanks to its lack of bugs and efficiency. You’ll lose out on the newer features of modern processors, but as a result you won’t encounter any unknown bugs.

3. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is one of the successors of Open Office. The latest stable release came out in 2022, and it is a culmination of several smaller releases to create a final outstanding product. In this version, users will have better export options, and better .docx file handling.

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As a local software alternative, it is fantastic. But as an online cloud managed Word editor, it is unsupported. LibreOffice is still a solid choice for users on updated operating systems that want a modern version of Open Office. 

4. Hemingway

Fights have started when comparing Hemingway to Word. For many, Hemingway is a tool rather than a Word replacement. They type up their document in Word, then use Hemingway to make the final edits. All of this changed when Hemingway introduced their full desktop app.

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At version 3, it is very much a Word alternative with a much better editor.  Both the online and offline version share the same background, so both come with the same integration tools. Although there are a lot of comfort features missing from Hemingway, there is no doubt that Word can learn a thing or two from this product. 

5. Jarte

Jarte leads the minimalist movement more than any other Word alternative. You don’t have to turn off a hundred features you don’t want to get a good piece of software. It is like WordPad got an upgrade for features, compatibility and ease of use. Jarte is as complex as any Word processor on this list, and that is without any of the additional bloat. 

The Best Version of Word

Find your best version of Word by experimenting with the many alternatives in the industry. Whether paid or free, there is always something special to try out. Start using them today, and you’ll be surprised at what has been missing from your daily work. 

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