Top 5 Best Apps for Fake GPS Android with Mock Location [No Root]

Change GPS location
Change GPS location

GPS or Global Positioning System detects your current location on your smartphones. Whenever you launch any application on your smartphones like Facebook, tinder, Instagram or Uber, these apps ask you to enable GPS on your smartphone so that one can easily get navigation on their smartphone.

But there are many fake GPS Android applications that are not available for your country or area hence you can use fake GPS Android apps on your smartphone that shows a constant reading when not moving and even when the app is in simulating movement, only the latitude and longitude values get updated. The fake GPS apps allow you to easily change your current location and you can use the app to get a fake location. Though there are many applications available on play store here is the list of best 5 apps for fake GPS Android with mock Location.

Fake GPS Android

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Best Apps for Fake GPS Android

  1. Fly GPS-Location fake/Fake GPS

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

This is an app by Samboking. It is a perfect app and has never failed. You can use this application to sneak out and fake your location. It is a location changer app and you have to use a joystick in three ways. First, move the joystick and it can be positioned by dragging around. Second, click and hold the joystick feature which is hidden around the joystick. And at the last, set the joystick which can be moved away from the preferences.

  1. Mock GPS with joystick

[appbox googleplay net.marlove.mockgps screenshots]

With the help of this application, you can teleport anywhere you want by using a real-time joystick. This application forms a mock GPS on your device and the other applications will get your fake location as a reallocation. This app supports the topmost features like teleportation, joystick and, configurations. When this application is running in the background you just have to update your location using a joystick which is available on screen and then you are all sorted with fake locations.

  1. Mock location (fake GPS path)

[appbox googleplay ru.gavrikov.mocklocations screenshots]

This application allows you to fake information about the location of your phone by GPS and network operator. It is easy to use the application you just have to navigate the route on the map and press the GO and then all the applications on your smartphone will give fake information regarding the location. This application has an ability to create a route on roads, ability to set breakpoints and specify the stay in them and ability to set a variable speed.

  1. Fake GPS go location Spoofer free

[appbox googleplay com.incorporateapps.fakegps.fre screenshots]

This app helps you to fake your location on the go. This app can help you to prank your friends on any social network to think you are somewhere else as it hides your current location and overwrites the reallocation with the fake one. The basic features offered by this application includes standard spoofing on all Android versions, no root mode available on Android 6.0 and above and you can change the update interval.

  1. Fake GPS Location

[appbox googleplay com.lexa.fakegps screenshots]

Lexa is an android developer and the current app portfolio contains 3 applications. Fake GPS Location is an application by lexa. This app sets up a fake location so that every application installed on your smartphone believes you are there and hence teleporting your phone to any place in the world. This app has good ratings on the app store and is loved by people because they can use any application from their home and can fake locations.


Though the above-mentioned apps are the best apps for Fake GPS Android with mock locations every application mentioned here has its own advantages and disadvantages. click here to download them. Out of these 5 applications, the app that I personally recommend is Fake GPS go location Spoofer free because it has a simple user interface which makes it user-friendly and easy to use. But, to find the best from the best you need to try to all the above-mentioned apps, since some apps may not sync with your device hardware. To read more such content, visit Techniblogic.

Is the Fake GPS Android app Free?

Fake GPS Go is a free fake GPS Android application 

Is faking GPS location illegal?

From a legal perspective, it is important to understand that GPS spoofing is illegal in many jurisdictions.

How do spoofing apps work?

Using a technique called app spoofing, a rogue app fakes or misrepresents the app information sent through the bid request.

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