10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

Best Chrome Extension in Android

Do you know about the biggest advantage of Google Chrome over other browsers? Well, it is the extensive library of extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. I am not saying that other browsers don’t offer extensions, but no matter what, the quality and quantity of extensions available on Chrome Web Store, outbid every other browsers’ web store. Now, we can also use Chrome extensions on Android devices. Having said that, we thought of introducing some of the Best Chrome Extension in Android that might be useful for you in some of the other ways.

Best Chrome Extension in Android

1. HTTPS Everywhere

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

This extension is created by EFF and the Tor Project. It is an open-source browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi and Firefox for Android. This extension is used for automatically switching thousands of sites from insecure “HTTP” to secure “https”.  It will also protect you against many forms of surveillance and account hijacking. You can add it to your desktop too.

The extension comes with an option called “Encrypt All Sites Eligible” which makes it possible to block and unblock all non-HTTPS browser connections with just one click. So, without any further wait, just add this extension to your chrome and make sure that your entire user experience is safe from online threats.

2. Privacy Badger

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

Privacy Badger is a free and open-source chrome extension for Android. This chrome extension automatically learns to block invisible tracker. The extension keeps the list. Instead, it automatically discovers trackers based on their behaviour. Moreover, the Privacy Badger replaces potentially useful trackers with click-to-activate placeholders, and removes outgoing link click tracking on Facebook and Google. Summing up the exclusive features offered by this extension, it can be concluded that its primary purpose is to encourage a balanced approach to internet privacy between consumers and content providers.

3. Invideo for Youtube

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

Invideo for YouTube allows you to search inside of YouTube. Using this Chrome extension, you can skip right to your favourite parts. It is the first Chrome extension for the techies to search for a keyword inside a video. It uses NLP technique for searching keywords. So, add this chrome extension and save your time. Just see the content on YouTube that can be useful for you and you skip the rest.

4. Turn Off the lights

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

Turn off the lights is a chrome extension that will give you the feel of theatres. While watching a movie or a video on your Android device, you just have to click on the lamp button, the page will fade to dark. And automatically focus on the video. If you want to reverse the changes, just click on the lamp button again.

This is a very lightweight chrome extension, designed to enhance your watching experience. If you are wondering that it only works for YouTube videos, then let me tell you that, this particular chrome extension works perfectly well for Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, Metacafe, YouKu, videos. The compatibility of this extension with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon and Yandex web browsers, is just like the cherry on the cake.

5. Stay Focused

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

Do you get distracted easily? Well, we all are sailing the same boat! Even if we make our mind that we will sit on the computer and do work, we often end up wasting plenty of times by exploring unnecessary websites (checking emails, updating picture on Facebook, reading tweets, sharing memes, and what not?).

Stay focused is a chrome extension for Android that is designed to enhance your productivity by minimising the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites. The extension works by restricting the amount of time you can waste. For an allotted time being, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible so that you can work without getting distracted.

6. Grammarly for chrome

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

This is an essential and most used chrome extension by smartphone users. If you are someone who uses their Android device for their professional work, such as writing emails, etc., this extension is your saviour. Grammarly helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself. It is a writing assistant that offers you specific suggestions to help you improve your writing, and it goes way beyond grammar.  Moreover, the inbuilt spelling checker catches typos. Add this extension now, and write with confidence!

7. Day board: New Tab and site blocker

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

Dayboard is an extension for new tabs and website blocker. Add this extension to your chrome and let it improve your focus, reduce your distractions, and allow you to fight your procrastination. It focuses on 5 items per day, and every time you will open a new tab it will remind you about your priorities which works with a built-in site blocker that prevents you from visiting distracting sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube. This extension is loaded with brilliant features like, minimal to-do list on the new tab page, site blocker, focus mode that shows you one task at a time, keep your tasks in sync on different machines (via dayboard.co).

8. New Tab page by start.me

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

With this chrome extension, you will have instant access to all your bookmarks, news feeds, notes and web services. It is very much needed by the people who are a sucker for organising things. This extension not only helps you to stay organised but it also helps you to save your precious time on the internet. It features 3500 widgets, various stylish backgrounds, etc.

9. Awesome Screenshot & Screen recorder

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

This chrome extension is a powerful tool for screen sharing. It is currently used and loved by millions of users. Moreover, you can save screen recordings & screenshots to awesomescreenshot.com, and within seconds you can share your videos and images via unique shareable links with your friends and family. The extension comes with a two-tab popup menu that allows you to switch between screen recording and screen capture easily.

10. Amazon Lite

 - 10 Best Chrome Extension in Android 2021

Amazon Lite is going to be a favourite extension for most of us because who doesn’t enjoy doing the shopping? The major problems of online shopping are advertisements and sponsored products. Well, Amazon Lite removes all unnecessary ads, sponsored products and other clutter. All you need to do is that you have to add this extension to your Chrome browser and then you are all done. Happy shopping!


Let’s be honest here, didn’t you like all the chrome mentioned above extensions? Well, if this the case, I would suggest you add each of them. However, many of us will have our personal preferences. If that’s the case, go for the extension that is much needed for you. As far as my opinion is considered, I think Grammarly, Day board and Stay focused are the most needed extensions.

If you have any app suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best Chrome Extension in Android, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned.

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