Best Facebook Advertising Tips for eCommerce Stores

Facebook Advertising Tips

Now since you started your eCommerce store, it is time to get busy be creating the perfect marketing strategy. It is very unlikely that you could bring customers to your website without investing a dime.

Still, where to start? Well, social media has been the first choice for many eCommerce owners just because it offers the cheapest advertising campaigns and has great targeting tools for more effective marketing.

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Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook Advertising Tips
Facebook Advertising Mistakes

In today’s article, we will focus on Facebook, which is the most commonly used advertising method by entrepreneurs.

  1. Start with the perfect image

Advertising on social media is all about competition. If your ad doesn’t run well, Facebook will increase the CPC in order to show your ad over your competitors. This means that the better picture you have, the cheaper advertising you’ll get. In other words, by increasing your post engagement you can lower the cost on your ad.

Additionally, the image is the first thing that people notice when they see your ad. Using basic product images from your portfolio simply won’t be enough. You need to focus on producing a high-quality image with vibrant colours that will catch people’s attention instantly.

  1. The power of carousel or multi-product ads

In order to showcase multiple products at the same time, adding them on a single post won’t do you any good. That’s why you have to use multi-product or carousel ads that will give you the ability to showcase several products and all of their specifications.

The best thing about carousel ads is that each image links directly to the product that people are interested in.

Such an advertising method has a chance to increase your CTR by 300% and can reduce your CPC by 35%.

  1. Install Pixel

In order to know how your ads perform, you need to install a conversion tracking pixel on your website. This pixel will track user behaviour after they click on your ad, which is valuable data for future optimizations.

Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel is a small snippet of code that can be added to the <head> of your website.

  1. Advertising is more than selling products

Sometimes you just have to step back from the traditional product promotions and try to build your brand identity. Communicating your brand story through social media is not a waste of money. It will give you a chance to build your social media presence and reputation.

In a case study performed by Adaptly, they tested two different advertising campaigns, and the results are a bit shocking. One campaign focused strictly on gathering subscriptions, while the other told the brand story and provided information about the company, and finally inviting people to sign up.

The results showed that the ad that told the story about the brand gathered 57% more subscriptions.

  1. Create Custom Audiences

Your first step before you launch your eCommerce store should understand your target audience. Only after you know their requirements and have the ideal customer in mind, you can use a custom audience to target users better.

The success of your advertising campaign depends on a good strategy for targeting audiences. You should know which customer type is the ideal customer for you and use the information to target more people with similar interests.

  1. Lookalike Audiences

This is the best feature to use if you want to run a successful marketing strategy. By using lookalike audiences, Facebook will target people with similar interests to those ones who already purchased from your website.

This means that you cannot run a lookalike audience campaign right from the start just because Facebook needs data in order to improve the efficiency of the ad. In the beginning, you should try setting up an audience that will be most interested in your products, and after a couple of sales, you can switch to lookalike audiences.

Final Words

These are some of the best advertising strategies for Facebook. It is important to understand that you need to have a fully developed eCommerce website without any flaws before you start your advertising campaign.

For example, you should add customer service apps, like the help desk assistant HelpCenterApp on Shopify. Also, make sure your payment gateway works, before you go all in.

There is nothing worse than leading people to a dysfunctional website, so make a checklist that certifies no detail goes unnoticed.

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