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Best Fitness Sites to FOLLOW for Evidence-Based Information


Looking for Best Fitness Sites? People are concerned about their health and wellness. Nowadays, we can see every age group person practising some kind of physical activity. However, we can still see people are getting fooled by myths and inappropriate information related to fitness and wellness. Moreover, there are a bunch of scams going on the market that claims that by eating or drinking certain products person can achieve their desired fitness goal. And, because of the lack of knowledge and improper guidance people fall into the trap of the scams.

Knowledge is power and there is no age bar attached to learn. If you are concerned about your health and you don’t want to fall into the scams, then try to have access to the authentic information and try to train under the guidance of a learned trainer. In this article, we have listed websites that are authentic and will teach and train you simultaneously.

Best Fitness Sites 2023

1. Renaissance periodization

 - Best Fitness Sites to FOLLOW for Evidence-Based Information

At Renaissance, periodization users get an evidence-based approach to dieting and training. The RP Diet app is built using powerful algorithms that are created by sports science and nutrition experts. This app will guide you through your diet from start to finish. Moreover, the diet and training template offered by this website are easy to follow and they are proven to be effective. You can even choose to get 1:1 training with RP’s expert coaches. The website even features RP eBooks that allow you to learn more about the research and theory behind sports science and nutrition.

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2. Menno Henselmans

 - Best Fitness Sites to FOLLOW for Evidence-Based Information

This website focuses on science that will master your physique. This website is owned and handled by a man who decided to follow his passion for Fitness against all odds. You can read articles related to fitness and diets. You get to learn about the facts and myths. You can opt for online PT courses or online coaching and you will be trained by the best.

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3. Biolayne

 - Best Fitness Sites to FOLLOW for Evidence-Based Information

You get home training programs at Biolayne. Biolayne is your workout builder website that offers a home gym, banded, and minimal equipment workouts. Moreover, you get to read articles on topics like training, nutrition, recipes, contest prep, research, inspiration, supplements and lifestyle. The workout builder includes custom workout plans, exercise substitutions, progress tracking, and more. They have recently launched their own app which goes by the name of “Carbon Diet”.

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4. Stronger by Science

 - Best Fitness Sites to FOLLOW for Evidence-Based Information

Stronger by Science provides research-based advice for you to get stronger, leaner, and smarter in the

Gym. You get articles, podcast and coaching for you to get trained better. They dive deep into different nuances when it comes to lifting weights. They interpret various studies, papers so that you don’t have to go through that. Their portal allows various forums to discuss your queries and gain deep insight into various things with respect to health and wellness.

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 - Best Fitness Sites to FOLLOW for Evidence-Based Information

FITTR is a community that started as a WhatsApp group a couple of years ago and has emerged to be one of the leading fitness communities in India. They provide an app named FITTR app (available on Playstore and Apple store). The app is user friendly and it helps the customer with everything they need to reach their health goals. From a free diet program and a workout schedule, you get to read a variety of topics regarding nutrition and training. You can also enroll under a coach if you choose to do so for better one on one guidance over time. The community is massive and continues to grow each year busting myths and helping people transform themselves.

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All the above-mentioned websites serve their best and try to provide most updated and authentic information. However, if I have to choose the best two, I will go with Renaissance Periodization because the YouTube videos and articles offered by this website have the most detailed content. The second will be FITTR. This website started with the Indian community and now, it is also coming up with the detailed articles and podcasts that will help you train in a better way.

Varnit Yadav
Varnit Yadav
I'm a Computer Science engineering student. Love to read, write and explore. Apart from being a nerd I'm also a fitness enthusiast.

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