6 Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives 2021

Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives

Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported? Let’s talk about some Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives for the same feature that will allow you to use cloud printing easily. Cloud Printing was making strides and waves when it was first launched almost 10 years ago. We have come a long way since. A lot of technologies have gotten better at the same thing and a lot of existing technologies have gotten efficient in performing the same meticulous task at ease.

Cloud Printing basically means that you can print your document from anywhere in the world. All you need is a phone or a PC and a printer that is connected to the web and you can print things easily.

What is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print is one of the most popular cloud printing services and it rightly deserves the attention that it got. Although the Cloud Print feature by google has a notice on the top these days which says that after 31st December 2020 no support will be provided for Google Cloud Print.

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Let’s talk about some Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives for the same feature that will allow you to use cloud printing easily.

Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives

1.ThinPrint Cloud Printer

 - 6 Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives 2021

It’s a printing application for all your devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, a PC, or even a Mac. It makes your printing experience super smooth. You can print your intended document without any hassles wirelessly from anywhere to any printer of your choice. This is 100% free for all kinds of personal use, doesn’t have any in-app purchases, and has full compatibility with any printer. It also provides a feature for direct Wi-Fi printing.

2.Mobility Print by PaperCut

 - 6 Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives 2021

Papercut is a company that aims to promote thoughtful printing by making smarter choices with the help of their software. They say in their introductory video that “trees” are their clients and we can agree to that. Mobility Print by PaperCut allows the users to print via Wi-Fi if connected to the same network or if you have to use the software to print in some other place it compresses and encrypts your data and then prints at the destination thus, ensuring your privacy. And, yes, it’s 100% free!

3.Edge Print by Directprint.io

 - 6 Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives 2021

Edge Print is here to enable you to print whatever you want wherever you want irrespective of the network you are connected to. Due to the deprecation of Google Cloud Print, this is another great option for you to use for secure printing and the printers that you use will be on a secure network and won’t be exposed to BYOD devices or any other guest users. This application also gives you control over which printers you need for remote printing.


 - 6 Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives 2021

Ezeep majorly focuses on implementing its technology in small or large organizations. The number can lie anywhere from 0-10 people to 1000 people who may need to use the cloud printing feature for their company or the organization. It even allows you to have easy printing in schools and universities at an affordable price. It provides features like print job tracking, reports, and payment functions, and flexible sign-ins via Google, Microsoft, or Apple. Cloud rendering is also one of the services provided by Ezeep. It provides you with a 30 day free trial in case you want to test it out beforehand.


 - 6 Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives 2021

Printix provides its services for free to students and has fairly priced its cloud printing features for businesses and enterprises. One of the unique features provided by this company is the card-based secure print where print jobs will only be released using a card or an ID code. If you are a business then you only have to pay for active users. It’s easily deployable with Microsoft Intune. You don’t have to get any certified printers for the job. Any printer out there will work when you use their services. It’s GDPR compliant and your documents are encrypted and stored locally.


 - 6 Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives 2021

This company is completely focused on providing decent infrastructure for printing solely for companies or organizations. They take great pride in their server-less printing infrastructure. The process includes importing your existing printer objects. The storage and management are done locally and you can centrally manage direct IP printing. The service also works without a VPN connection and easily integrates with Printer Control Panels.

My Thoughts: Best Google Cloud Print Alternatives?

The above-mentioned services are some of the services that you can choose from instead of Google Cloud Print. The choice is completely going to depend on your needs and wants. If you are a single user then you should ideally opt for the free software that you can get your hand on to get a job done.

If your work is complex and you are a team of big numbers then you should choose software based on your companies’ need.

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