Top 5 Best Health Apps For Women (2019)

Top 5 Best Health Apps For Women (2019) 1

Keeping yourself healthy and leading a happy life is the most vital thing for anyone. Women and men are not the same when it comes to health, it can be a bit complicated to even say that. Me and you, and like any other women, we need more attention towards our hygiene and health, we face more health issues in different areas of our lives as compared to men. And obviously, our health issues are important. But amidst the busy schedule and all the hustle of life, it has become difficult for women like me-and-you to take care of their health. So, in this article, we’ll talk about 5 Women health apps that you must have in your smartphone ladies.

Top 5 Best Health Apps For Women


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How often do you forget to take your pills? Most women never remember whether or not they have taken pills, which leads to unwanted pregnancy afterwards. MyPill is an app for women, which is a birth control reminder. It is an easy way to make sure that you take your pill on time. Not only will it remind you, but also, you can keep track of different things like your flow and cramps. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. It has several features like protection status, snooze reminder, history tracking, prediction and community, which makes it a ‘must have’ app for women.

Period Tracker Flo, Pregnancy & Ovulation Calendar

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Period Tracker Flo, Pregnancy and Ovulation is a smart app that keeps a good track of your reproductive health. With the help of this app, you can not only keep track of your period but also, you can know your chances to get pregnant with the help of Ovulation Predictor. It will keep you updated with your period status so that you don’t have to worry about your irregular periods. It is a handy way to keep the track of your Ovulation period /fertile days and beyond.

Eve period Tracker

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Eve period Tracker is a perfect app for modern day couples, as it has a community where you can talk about sex, a health issue and even fashion. There are various problems regarding your sex life, which you cannot share with everyone, so it provides you with a free space to learn from women, who have been there before. It is a fun and informative app as it tracks your sex, moods and PMS symptoms while providing all kinds of community support for everyone.

Clementine (iOS only)

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Modern life is exhausting for women to be stressed out. Many of them lead to depression because of the unparallel level of pressure. It is no new fact that women are more likely to feel sad or anxious. Clementine provides you with the best way to overcome your stress, insomnia, bad habits etc. It is a life changing app which is only compatible with iOS. It helps you to feel calm and sleep better.

Healthify me

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Nowadays every woman wants to be fit and they should be, not because of pictures but because of health. But it is difficult to follow a strict diet in a busy life. Healthify me is a perfect app which helps you keep healthy by tracking your food and counting your calories. It motivates you gently towards your health goal by tracking your fitness as well. It helps women to gain confidence. It creates your diet charts, so you know from where you have to start and then guides you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Keep aside this list and think for a second for your health and hygiene. How much invested are you in your life? Are you eating healthy? Or are you pmsing? Yeah, I know, women like us tend to forget things on a regular basis. So, take my advice ladies and install these apps ASAP. And before you do that, I want you to know that my personal favourites are healthify me and eve period Tracker. Healthify me helps you to be consistent and motivated and Eve period tracker is the best handy way to keep track, as it provides you with the easiest way to feel in control of your reproductive health.

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