Best News Apps For Android 2019 – That Are Free To Download

Best News Apps For Android 2019 - That Are Free To Download 1

As we all now in every single second a new thing is happening in the world. There are billions of people out there in the real world who are interested in knowing all the latest news and updates happening in the world. It is very difficult for one publishing company to publish or cover each and every News in the world. So there are multiple publishers who cover the news as per their niche or audience. But it many times it makes very difficult for a user to get that information or track these multiple publishers individually. Therefore, here is the place where these Android News App take place of. In this Article, I will mention some of the Best News Apps for Android smartphone till now. This will be more specific to the Android users, I will do another post for the iPhone Users as well so stay tuned for that.

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Just track of these listed News app, and you will be getting all the updated news from different sources at one place. You can also follow us on our facebook page, where we are sharing real-time news updates.

List of Best News Apps For Android

Google News

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

The Google News is one of the best News App for Android, which you must have. It delivers quality news, which is filtered as per your interest. As the apps fetch news from not just registered publishers but from hidden blogs, it gives the variety of options in terms of an article. Also, you can subscribe to a particular new publisher, which is good in case you prefer to read only one publisher’s content.


[appbox googleplay screenshots]

It is one of the most popular Android app, which combines the Quality News content with good User Experience. It gathers the News from different sources and combined it in a card-like style that makes the news content more attractive and clean to read.


[appbox googleplay com.devhd.feedly screenshots]

It is a very popular News app which combines different RSS feeds and shows you in a structured way. Although it has a very simplest UI, that is smooth and categorised in order to deliver a specific news if you’re trying to find any. You can also search in this app via hashtags. That’s nice!

News360 App

[appbox googleplay com.news360.news360app screenshots]

News360 works exactly like any traditional news reading application. It has got some of the best news providers in the house. Their readable interface is not very extraordinary but it’s quite good for a smooth experience.


[appbox googleplay screenshots]

They keep check the trending news in the world and make sure you get the right content at the right time. They have got some of the top news providers in the house to deliver quality content on your home screen and not just that, they have the card like design that gives you news headlines.


[appbox googleplay screenshots]

We have found out that the JioXpressNews is popular among the Jio SIM user only, and frankly that makes sense. Since JIO bounds its user to install its side apps in-order to use free internet, a small price for free internet. Nonetheless, the app is quite good in news delivery since it has a tie-up with popular publishing houses.

Opera News

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

So, the reason why the Opera browser was popular among its user because it uses to compress the data of the website in order to give you a fast web experience. The Opera news works on something like that, It also has by-default reading mode settings but you can also view the website post in a web view.


[appbox googleplay com.innologica.inoreader screenshots]

The app is as simple as any news app. The readability is simple and you can also read short news on this app but there is an option to read more, where you can view full article.


[appbox googleplay screenshots]

The stylish young generation doesn’t like to read a long article for single news. They need shortcuts in every field and that’s why there are apps like Way2 News that delivers content in a short segment or card like a design. It is simple, fast, and you get most of the news on a single page. Quite useful.

Newtification News

[appbox googleplay com.tiwaremobile.newtificationspro screenshots]

This minimalist News app delivers content similar to Google News but on a low level. Means, you’re gonna get the news but not that much, just important ones. The reading is simple and you can read the news on different websites.

Tech News

[appbox googleplay it.pinenuts.technews screenshots]

This app is mainly popular among the tech enthusiastic people, like us. It has got tons of segment on the technically related news and a tie-up with almost all popular tech publishers. the only drawback of the app is that it opens a direct website of the publisher, without going on reading mode.

Bundle Breaking News

[appbox googleplay com.dwarfplanet.bundle screenshots]

The modern tile-like design is very attractive these days. The app shows large pictures with a headline and not just that its reading mode is pretty decent too. The one thing that we love the most is the simple yet attractive UI this app has, although they have to work a lot to get more news on a geographical basis.

News Suite by Sony

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

We are guessing Sony’s official news app is only used by Sony smartphone users. Because as much as we like this app for its professional design UI and a huge categorised news segment. You can read short news on this app but there is an option to read more where you can view full article.

Fast News

[appbox googleplay it.pinenuts.rassegnastampa screenshots]

The app UI is fast, the content is readable but the key problem with this app is the constant nudging of ads. Also in terms of news, it has got very limited content and limited premium publication tie-ups, probably they need an upgrade in their database.

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Thus, these are some of the best News Apps that you must check to stay updated in the real world. As people are growing at a very rapid rate, It will be very difficult to follow all different blogs and website. Therefore, this is the best way to track all the news in one place.

Hope you like this article and I will be updating you about different technology soon, So till then just make sure to follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to my website. Stay tuned for the next post. 🙂

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