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12 Best Online Courses Website 2020 with Certificates


There are 365 days to become a better version of yourself. The year 2020 started like hell and currently, we all are prisoners to the deathly disease COVID-19. We all are in lockdown with food and food internet connection. Right?  That’s all it needs! It is your time.

It is the time that you learn the skill you always wanted but you never got the time to do so. It is the time to go and upskill yourself in coding or whatever you love. It is the time to opt for the best online courses that you thought you will do in your vacation.

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This is the time where you have all the time that you never needed. Don’t let anything stop you now. It is the time that you become a better version of yourself. In this article, I will be listing the 12 best online courses website that offers many of their courses for free and also provides certification. I hope it will be useful to you!

Best Online Courses Website 2023

Best Online Courses Website
Best Online Courses Website

1. Lynda.com

Lynda.com is one of the Best Online Courses Website to Go with

You can get access to the widest range of courses and classes for free on Linkedln Learning often known as Lynda.com previously. You will get to learn the best and most in-demand tech, management, and creative skills from the industry experts. This will help you to add value to your work and you will excel in your career. This is one of the best websites for e-learning lovers all over the world.

The website offers more than 1000 courses and you can select the course of your choice from across diverse sets of domains like business, technology, data science, marketing, and much more. All the courses are free since the first month on the website is a trial period. The platform features an option of “view offline” that allows the users to attend their classes without the internet. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

2. Udemy


Udemy is the platform that features some of the best courses by some amazing trainers and professors all over the world. The course and tutorials created by the experts are highly rated, well organized, and regularly updated.

All these highlights make this platform a favorite destination for both students and professionals who are eager to learn and enhance their knowledge at affordable and free courses online.

Near about 90k+ online courses and tutorials by creators, all the world is available on this platform. The platform offers specialization courses for domains you can’t even imagine. Most of the courses are free while others are available at an affordable price. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

3. Stanford Online

Stanford Online
Stanford Online

Another platform that comes to the best online courses is Stanford online. Under this platform offers the users the front row seat and provide them with global and extended education in order to expand their learning, advance their career, and enhance their life.

Students get the option to select from graduate and professional certificates, advanced degrees, global and executive education programs, lifelong learning, and free content. The platform allows you to engage with faculty, industry, and other learners — online. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

4. Open Learning at Harvard

Open Learning at Harvard
Open Learning at Harvard

This platform helps you in advancing your career and lets you pursue your passion. It is never too late to begin. With online learning at Harvard, you can browse any subject of your choice.

The subjects are Art ad design, business, Computer science, programming, mathematics, data science, social science, humanities, and Science. The platform offers 416 courses with around 6,000,000+ learners across 193 countries. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

5. Coursera


Coursera has recently collaborated with leading colleges and is providing courses on a variety of topics like Health, Personal Development, Computer Science, Data Science, Business, Languages, and more. The universities offering these courses are Yale, Duke University, John Hopkins, Indian School of Business, Princeton among many others.

You will get to learn a variety of new skills all at zero cost. You get the chance to learn from top colleges. Because of the corona lockdown, few of the courses are available for free. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

6. edX

edx online courses
edx online courses

It is one of the top e-learning websites. This platform is fully committed to ensuring that the users get access to the best available content irrespective of their field of choice. The platform gives free access to online certification courses and training programs such as Project Management, Data Science, Computer Science to even TOEFL preparation courses.

The instructors of the online courses provided by thus platform focus on building up the foundational concepts with the help of practical examples. As a learner, you will be getting case-studies and assignments to implement the skills covered in the lectures. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

7. Udacity


The leader of the online learning platform, Udacity offers a ton of resources to learn at zero cost. Although to earn the certificate, enrolment in the program requires a certain price but, if you are more concerned about gaining access to the content then this platform can be very helpful.

The platform aims to ensure that each student is job-ready with real skills for the market. The platform offers both paid nano degree programs as well as free courses. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

8. Khan Academy

khan Academy
khan Academy

In the list best online courses we also have a non-profit platform that aims to provide free world-class education to students. The platforms provide the guidance that you need to understand about your course work, guidance that you need to complete your homework and the platform also prepares you for your advanced placement examinations.

The platform offers lectures on subjects like mathematics, science, computing, arts and humanities, economics and finance, test prep. All in all, the personalized learning experience helps you to practice on your own. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

9. Alison


For the students who want to gain critical knowledge of individual concepts within a field then the courses offered by the Alison platform will help you a lot. The platform offers certification on subjects like helping you with that.

The platform helps in providing certifications to a number of subjects such as languages, media studies,  health and fitness, business studies, computer programming, networking, and much more. The courses are designed by subject matter experts and the courses are Interactive and enriched with a learning experience. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

10. MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware
MIT Open Courseware

This is the online hub that contains all study materials, resources, videos on all various disciplines that are created by some of the world’s best academic and industrial experts. Users get the chance to explore topics as well as if you choose the interdisciplinary subjects such as chemistry, calculus, entrepreneurship, energy, transportation, introduction to programming and life science, you will be proficient in the concepts covered.

You have to complete the graded assessments, assignments, and pass the examinations to complete the certifications. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

11. Pluralsight


The website offers free online courses. For the month of April, this platform allows you to take control of your career with 7,000+ free video courses and more. The platform offers a 30-day free trial so that you can learn, grow, and build critical skills that you might use to overcome new challenges.

The platform offers JavaScript, Python, C#, and Angular courses for free. Learn to code and prepare yourself for the most powerful MNCs.  While using this platform you can witness your own growth, progress, and evolution. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

12. Simplilearn


With Simplilearn platform you get certified and you get ahead. This Platform offers courses that are taught, designed, and facilitated by global experts. You get to learn from the best and you get certified by the elite universities.

The platform offers courses like Digital Marketing Specialist, Cloud Architect, PMP, Machine Learning, Data Science with R, certified ethical hacking, and many more. These courses help you to thrive, not just survive.

The curriculum is verified and certified as it is developed by renowned experts and is aligned with 40+ accreditation bodies. The platform is supported by enterprises like VMware, amazon, visa, orange, etc. You can always know more about it by visiting their website.

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So, this is an end to the 12 best online courses website where you get the chance to enhance and upgrade your skills with free online certifications. Make this lockdown useful to you and start from today. You can even buy followers for Twitch.

Master yourself! Prepare yourself for the corporate world. Share the website with friends and let them know that there is to do during this lockdown apart from Netflix and Chill!!

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