Top 7 Best Podcast Playing Apps that You Must Check Out

Best Podcast Playing Apps

Web Podcast players let users listen to an episodic series of digital audios. Podcasts are more popular than ever, obviously, that’s the new trend. As you know, there are many different mobile applications available to subscribe and to listen to podcasts, but what’s the best way to listen to a good podcast? Here’s the list of some best and awesome Web podcast players, which have plenty of good content that user can enjoy.

Top 7 Best Podcast Playing Apps

1. Pocketcast

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The pocket cast is a great podcast player for Android and iOS both. It will be available anytime and anywhere. There’s no need of monthly subscriptions and they remain in sync wherever you are. They automatically sync your progress and pick you up right where you left off. This app will help you with your new favourites almost every day. You can multiple display sizes, skip over the boring podcast, change the speed according to you.

2. Castbox

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Castbox is a very easy going podcast player as it has the simplest UI. It supports platforms so that you can listen to your favourite audio shows without any interruption. It offers a clean layout and easy to navigate interface. It will let you enjoy spoken audio across all devices and enables its users to easily access, create and find the podcast.

3. Google podcast

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Google podcast is one of the free to download podcast player available for Android users only. It was launched by Google to make it easier for Android users to discover and listen to podcasts. It is integrated with Google assistant through which you can search for and play podcasts anywhere. It has multiple sets of recommendations also help you with the related podcast based on the one you choose.

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4. Podcast addict

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Podcast Addict is one of the most manageable apps you will find. It is a paid app that allows you to listen and manage your podcasts, audiobooks, RSS news feeds and Radio under one roof. It is an ad-supported free app that helps you to discover and listen to your podcasts without any interruption. It allows you to donate the app with a one-time donation of 3$.

5. Stitcher radio

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Stitcher Radio is the app which provides you with free online streaming and is available for Android and iOS both. It has features that will let you select on-demand radio services and Iive streamed talk radio programming. It will keep its users updated by sending emails and SMS. It also comes with features like automatic updates and interrupts handling during phone calls.

6. Podcast go

[appbox googleplay sanity.podcast.freak screenshots]

Podcast go is a free podcast player available for android phones. There are thousands of podcasts present from all around the world. You can easily find and listen to your favourite podcasts anytime and anywhere. It is easy to use and can easily download podcasts of your own choice in one search. You can create your own playlist and set sleep timer as well.

7. Soundcloud

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Soundcloud is an online audio streaming platform that allows its users to access uploaded files via unique URLs. Its API lets you upload and download audio files. It provides you with millions of songs and enables users to upload, promote and share their audio files. It supports AIFF, WAV, FACEBOOK, ALAC, OGG, MP3, MP2 and WMA files. You can comment also and receive detailed stats and feedbacks to keep its users updated.


There are many different and one of the Best Podcast Playing Apps mention above. One can download them according to their need but which I personally recommend is Podcast Go because it’s a rich app offering millions of shows at your fingertips. It is elegant in design and has an excellent interface, which makes it very easy to use. Although, you can use Google podcast and as well as Castbox they are also pretty fine.

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