BlitzWolf LED Lamp Review – Best Portable LED Lamp ?

BlitzWolf LED Lamp Review - Best Portable LED Lamp ? 1

Hi guys if you are a reading addict, and love to read books and novels in night and in cafe’s and don’t want to disturb others in odd time then this one is for you, just go for this portable Self Balancing Table Lamp which i got from also it looks too awesome.

Blitzwolf Portable table light modes - techniblogic



It has its four different modes using which you can control the light, the modes can be controlled by using the touch panel which is being integrated on top of the ABS case.

Blitzwolf Portable table light Charging port - techniblogic

The ABS case contains a 1800 mAh Battery which last quite long while even using it at MAX Light. The rest of the LED lamp is made up of Aluminium which looks very premium while using and while taking in the hand.

Blitzwolf Portable table light - techniblogic
It has a particular shape in which you can put that lamp. it comes with White color till now, may be in near future they may offer different colors. The weight of the Device is just 620 grams, which means it is very easy to carry. It comes with a 24W quick charge dual USB port charger which charge the device really fast at 2.4A speed.

Package Content

Blitzwolf Portable table light functions - techniblogic

1 x BlitzWolf® BW-LT2 Balance LED Table Lamp
1 x BlitzWolf® 24W Dual-port USB Adapter
1 x Mini USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x BlitzWolf® BW-LT2 Warranty Card


1. If the touch switch does not function, rest the lamp by unplugging the power cable
2. Ensure you recharge the lamp at least once per month.
3. If using an alternative USB power source, ensure it is regulated and designed for sensitive equipment.

General Maintenance:

Use a dry cloth to wipe the surface. Do not use liquids or solvents that contain kerosene or ammonia as this may damage the surface.


So according to me if you studies a lot, or want something unique in you study room just and go and buy it. the built quality and the light is too good for regular purpose.


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