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Sony PS5 event took place on June 11, and during the event, the company announced and showcased upcoming PS5 Games trailers along with Playstation’s 5 design. Most of the games that were announced are totally fresh and new from Sony’s own studios while other games were rumoured for months and finally made gamers happy with the expected release date. In this article, we have come up with Upcoming Games that will be available for PS5 and will be released in next months or forthcoming years.

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Playstation 5 Overview

Playstation 5 is the next generation Playstation console, and it will be released in late 2020. PS 5 hardware is bold, with a two-tone design, marking a radical departure from previous PlayStation consoles. PS5 will launch in two models. One model will be launched with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, and the second model will be a digital model without a disc drive. The overall design of the PS 5 console features faster cooling of the console, this will prevent overheating, and you can enjoy and play games for longer hours.

Confirmed PS5 Games 2024 List

Assassin Creed Valhalla

This action-adventure role-playing video game is the part of the Assassin’s Creed series. The first part of this series was released in the year 2007, and recently, in the year 2018, the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was released. But, now, a new game, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been announced as the successor of the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This is going to be the 22nd release in the Assassin’s Creed series.

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The game compromises of several main story missions and various optional side missions. The player takes the role of a Viking named Eivor, and they have the option to choose Eivor as either male or female and will be able to customize their character’s hair, warpaint, clothing, armour, and tattoos. It is a single-player game, but it will include online components for the sake of encouraging players to share their progress and creativity. Moreover, there are additional in-game rewards for the players for successful missions.

Cyberpunk 2077


This game is the next big open-world role-playing game that is expected to be released by CD Projekt RED, the makers of THE WITCHER SERIES. This game is one of the Best Upcoming Games that everyone are waiting for. The exciting part is that as soon as the WITCHER Series part 3 was concluded, the makers started working on this Game. As per the information available, the developer has been working on this new game for half of a decade.

The game setup is set in the metropolis of Night City, Northern California. 2077 in the game title represents the year, 2077 and the game is based on the pen-and-paper tabletop Cyberpunk, created by Mike Pondsmith. This game is full of plenty of realistic experiences, exciting characters, unique storylines, vehicles that can be driven, weapons that can be used to wipe out the enemies, and people to woo into romantic relationships.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion is an action-adventure, single and multiplayer video game that is played from a third-person perspective. The game will have a London setting, a troubled city that is crushed by the grip of a totalitarian regime. In this game, your mission is to build a resistance army to liberate the city and free the nation. All options, including hacking skills, stealth capabilities, and combat options, are there for you.

Also, this game will allow you to recruit anyone you see in the world to join your team. The exciting part is that everyone you see can be hired and every individual comes with a backstory and enormous skill set. High chances are that the person you recruit is a skilled fighter or maybe the person can disguise easily and can walk on the streets without being noticed. A different yet unusual game that depends on who is in control of what! It is an open-world stealth game that is expected to be released before, April 2021.

Dying Light 2

Do you enjoy playing survival horror action role-playing games? Well, if you are the one, then this is undoubtedly for you. Dying Light 2 is an upcoming survival horror action role-playing game and obviously the successor of the original Dying Light game which was launched in the year 2015.

Dying Light 2 is a zombie apocalyptic themed action role-playing game. It is an open-world first-person video game. However, it promises to offer more than smashing zombies and surviving. While watching the new trailer shows it was quite apparent to us that the fight isn’t just against the brain eaters, but also factions of humans fighting it out for supremacy.

The Elder Scrolls VI

The game is developed and published by Bethesda, and it is the successor of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which was released last year. As per the developer, this game is going to be a next-generation game and will be released after their newest upcoming IP, Starfield. Currently, the release date, compatible platforms, and details about the multiplayer mode is not yet announced.

Bloodline 2: Vampire the masquerade

Earlier this game was planned to release around March 2020, but it seems out of the question now given the crisis we are in. But to ensure proper quality and bug-free experience, Hardsuit labs are expected to release it sometime during the fall of 2020. A gameplay trailer of this game was displayed during the GamesCom 2019, which shows the basic setting and the ergonomics of what the game is going to be. Now one can only wait and see how this one turns out. It’s going to be a fun experience for sure when a lot of vampire clans come into play, and you get to use your telekinetic powers. The primary story mode of gameplay is expected to last around 25-30 hours.

Ghost of Tsushima


Personally, I am excited about this game. Having a variety of unique modes, combats, the amazing map, your character gear, and the whole dynamics of this game is mind-blowing. It does give the feel of an Assassin Creed game which was set in Japan. But, Hey! Don’t judge me for this comment. It might be that game which we always wanted. The trailer/ gameplay is very appealing at this point in time. We will know more once the game is released.



The game’s first trailer was revealed in 2019 at The Game Awards where it was said to release on the PS 5. It comes under the genre of “looter-slasher” and is more focused on melee attacks instead of the ranged ones. You get to choose one character from the 3 primary classes available based on their armour sets and Valorplates. You can play it as a single-player or do a co-op with up to 3 players.

Horizon 2: Forbidden West

Horizon 2: Forbidden west is the second part of Horizon Dawn. It is exclusively available for PlayStation 5. In this game, the protagonist, from the first part named Alloy, will be returning in the second part and she will be seen battling against gigantic robots in the sequel. The trailer of this new upcoming game begins somewhere in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has died out. And, Alloy is the only one who can stop the incoming danger.

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Moreover, a giant robot turtle, ravages, and robot dinosaurs were seen in the trailer. The game features fantastic and extraordinary video quality. As per the teaser, it might be possible that the gamers will witness several new robots and underwater action.

Expected Release Date: To Be Announced

Expected Price: $49

Spider-man: Miles Morales


Spider-man: Miles Morales teaser didn’t give much information about the game, but it is a new standalone game which is basically an expanded remaster of the original game. The expanded version of the game comes with “a substantial Miles Morales component, who in the trailer was teased as Peter Parker’s new super-powered apprentice at the end of the first game. Moreover, Miles Morales will be kinda like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Spiderman is the most awaited PS5 Games right now!

Expected Price: $49

Release Date: late 2020

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)

The new and enhanced edition of GTA V is all set to for the play station 5. Rockstar Games announced that in the second half of the year 2021 that an “expanded and enhanced” Grand Theft Auto V will be released. It is expected that the expanded and enhanced edition of GTA V will come with a graphical upgrade and perhaps even some new DLCs

Expected Release date- between July 2021- December 2021

Expected Price: $69

Resident Evil 8: Village

Resident Evil will continue with the story where it left off the last time, and this edition of the game will take place in a creepy village, and the game will have a first-person perspective. RE7’s Ethan Winters will continue to be the protagonist, and we even witnessed Chris Redfield, the series icon, in the trailer. However, if compared to the 8th edition of the series with the 7th edition then, it seems like, Resident Evil 8: Village will have a slower pace of Resident Evil 7, differing from the more action-focused Resident Evil 5 and 6.

Expected Release Date- 2021

Expected Price: $69

Ghostwire Tokyo

This game is created by The Evil Within. It is a new action-adventure game, and as per the trailer, the people were disappearing like they’ve been raptured. The trailer also reveals the main character as a bow-wielding character with some kind of magic. The character even has the saying, “Don’t fear the unknown. Attack it”.

Expected Release Date: sometime in 2021

Expected Price: N/A

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is the next game in Polyphony Digital’s popular racing series. It is the simulator racer, and many players/gamers have been waiting for a generation for this game to launch on PS 5. In the trailer, there was a map that seems to be used in the game’s campaign mode. The game features a full, single-player campaign.

Expected Release date: N/A

Expected Price: N/A

Project Athia

This game is designed to create an entirely new and fresh gaming experience by the fusion of the latest technology with art. In this game, players get transported to a vast and detailed world filled with beauty and dismay. This game provides you with the opportunity to experience a thrilling other-worldly adventure. I am not sure if the game will be called Athia or Project Athia as it’s still under development with no future release date.

Expected Release date: N/A

Expected Price: N/A

NBA 2k21

For all the basketball fans and players, the NBA 2K21 game will feature dreadfully improved load speeds, visual fidelity on an unmatched level, and an unrivalled breadth of content. The game is expected to come with new and amazing features, various game modes, brand partnerships, social events, in-game experiences, and a brand original soundtrack. Moreover, the game loads in seconds, and that is awesome!

Expected release date: TBA

Expected Price: $69

Madden 21

Madden 21 for PS 5 is going to be the most realistic looking Madden ever, and the ultra-powerful hardware of the PS 5 will even enhance the experience of the users. Moreover, PS 5 will improve EA sports’ NFL sim with stunning graphics and gameplay.  The game allows you to feel absolute control with the new Skill Stick ball-carrier system. It makes you dominate the edge with new pass rush moves, and helps you to experience more open-field realism with some improvements, and allows you to have more fun with easy user-control access.

Demon’s Souls

This game is the predecessor to Dark Souls, the founder of the Soulslike genre.           Demon’s Souls is described as “completely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced”. The game offers beautiful shadow effects, and ray tracing effects and the players choose between two graphics modes while playing. One graphic mode is focused on fidelity, and the other is focused on the frame rate.

Expected Release Date: 2021

Expected Price: N/A


In this game, you will be exemplifying the role of Colt, a man with a unique problem. In this game, you are stuck into a loop where every morning you wake up on the same beach with the same killer hangover, the subject of the same island-wide manhunt by the same entitled partyers. However, there is one way to free yourself from the death loop and the cycle of unnecessary slaughter, and that is to find 8 people who are responsible for maintaining the loop. The rival assassins are locked in Time Loop. Each day brings you new opportunities to learn, adapt, and solve the puzzle.

Expected Release Date: this holiday season

Expected Price: N/A

Hitman 3

The game is about Agent 47, who is willingly taking part in his most intimate and professional contract ever. To complete the contract Agent, 47 will be travelling to many different places like Dubai. As per IO interactive, Hitman III is the final game in the World of Assassination trilogy.

The teaser of the game was suspicious, and it stated “Death Awaits”. This game will take you around the world and the most exotic and luxurious locations that will give you create opportunities. The ultimate goal is to explore various places and figure out the perfect way to eliminate targets. You can disguises, create ‘accidents,’ interact with other characters, and blend into the crowd to watch your master plan unfold or gloriously fail.

Expected Release Date: January 2021

Expected Price: N/A

Observer System Redux

The game is developed by Bloober Team. The same psychological-horror game developer that developed Layers of Fear/ Observer System Redux is coming to PS 5 and will feature augmented visuals, gameplay, and a solid story. The old and new players will experience the expanded gameplay and brand-new story content with this cyberpunk thriller in all its chilling next-generation glory. It is to remind you all that the original part of this story was released in 2017. Coming back on Observer System Redux, as per the trailer, the story of the game is set in the year 2084, and players exemplify the role of a detective, called an Observer. The task of the detective is to hack the minds of criminals and their victims.


It is a single-player game about a woman in her spaceship in an urge for redemption. The game features a few open-world elements and allows you to freely roam around and explore different locations. The game will launch in 2021. The announcement trailer begins with the saying, “together we build order out of chaos”, and the main character of the game is there to fight for the orders. The game is a new space shooter from Deep Silver, and it will be coming on PS 5 very soon.


It is a stylish adventure game set in a dystopian near-future on Earth’s moon. The game is expected to behave in an immersive sci-fi setting like never before. The game will be launched in the year 2022, and hence more details will be revealed concerning time.

Expected Release Date- 2022

Expected Price: N/A

Rainbow Six Quarantine

The game is developed by a new dedicated team at Ubisoft Montreal. The story of the game is set several years in the future of the Rainbow Six universe. There is a new brand of mutated alien, and the Rainbow Operators will go against the mutated alien parasite that is trying to infect the human hosts and their surroundings. This is a 3-player coop PVE, and the players can prepare to launch into tense, chaotic, and unpredictable missions as they will risk everything with their squad, every time they step into quarantine.

Dirt 5

DIRT 5 will now come on PS 5 with its very new chapter in the legacy of Dirt. It is a racing game, and this time the game will be bolder and braver than ever before. As a player you will be travelling across the globe, taming the most incredible off-road machines with your friends, and you will be part of a vibe that delivers adventure, action, expression, and crazy style. The trailer of the game showcased work, amazing environments, and an advanced, yet a new take on amplified racing.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

It is a story-driven action-adventure game. As per the trailer, your character is capable of use magic and wields a staff with a blue crystal as a weapon. The trailer starts with a young girl meditating in the forest, surrounded by tiny, furry black creatures called Rot. In this game, you will have to grow a team of spirit companions called the Rot

Expected release date: This holiday season

Expected Price: N/A


It is a 3rd person shooting game that features roguelike elements. In this game, the player controls the space pilot marooned on an alien world. Moreover, the trailer showcased a lone astronaut on an alien planet as she endures a cycle of death and awakening. You will also witness the fast-paced action scenes with the main character using sci-fi weaponry and flashy abilities to fight glowing shadow creatures.

Expected Release date: To be Announced

Expected Price: N/A

Gothic remake


 It is an action RPG classic set for release a full remake of the 2001 original. This game stands out from other games just because of its completely new graphic design. Moreover, a lot of change is made to the mechanics. This game takes us to a fantastic kingdom of Myrtana, whose ruler – Rhobar II – created a penal colony on the island of Khorinis. The prisoners were sent there to work hard to extract ore in the Valley of Mines.

Moreover, mages created a barrier that could only be penetrated from outside so that prisoners can’t escape. And here comes the plot twist. Unfortunately, spell got out of control and the dome covered he whole area of the Valley of Mines, imprisoning both the convicts and guards, as well as the mages themselves together with an ancient evil lurking in the land. The players in the game exemplify one of the prisoners who once after crossing the barrier is known to do bigger things than working in a mine.

Rainbow six siege

This game will support cross-generation matching with the next generation consoles. As per Ubisoft, the PS 4 owners can participate with PS 5 users, Xbox One and Xbox Series X players may play together. In this way, no one has to buy a second copy of the game. The game will come with support for all previous content updates.


It is an RPG shooter game that is set an original, dark, and desperate sci-fi universe. The game features rich storytelling showcasing a diverse world. In this game, you will have to leave behind the slums and shantytowns of the First City and traverse forests, mountains, and deserts in pursuit of a mysterious signal. The game is a perfect combination of intense gameplay, depository of twisted weaponry, and gear-sets. The game offers countless hours of gameplay, and it will include co-op for three players.

Battlefield 6

Battlefield will be releasing next year. It is a game from DICE and publisher EA. It is a first-person shooter series that focuses on large-scale battles, combining infantry with vehicular combat. Given that the game will be releasing in 2021, gamers won’t be hearing anything about the gameplay shortly. However, the teaser of the game clearly depicts the clip of the destruction of a building and multiple soldiers. Both these clips have raised several questions amongst the community, and at the same time, it has created confusion among some people. We can assume that there will be significant destruction in the upcoming game and even the scale in the next battlefield has been increased. The game will come with brilliant audio and visual presentation. The game is claiming to offer an experience that none of you has witnessed ever.

Nth*0 Infinity Reborn

It is a dimension-shattering Action RPG with realistic swordplay. In this game, you will not find any health bars and your limbs are your only defence. Moreover, a battle can be over in a single hit, or a critical strike to a core body part is performed. And, if a limb is addressed with a direct hit, you can say goodbye to that limb. The game aims to throw you a genuinely evil man because you have sacrificed everything to halt a mass-extinction of immense proportions.

Little Devil Inside

It is a fascinating indie action game with visuals both humorous as well as haunting. The game is exposed to more potential controversy in response to one of the enemy designs seen in its PS5 showcase trailer. However, speaking of the game, then the gameplay revolves around the survival of its main character from dragons, bears, and environments that could result in death from a great height.

Expected Release date: (not yet announced)

Expected Price: N/A

Solar Ash

Solar Ash was initially called the Solar Ash Kingdom. This game is set in a zero-gravity world filled with creatures that are as intimidating as they are awe-inspiring. The main character of this game is mysterious humanoid – a caped, fog-headed adventurer who has no idea of what to do in that strange land.

Expected Release date: 2021

Expected Price: N/A

Cygni: All guns blazing

It is a stunning shooting game with high-quality graphics, and the trailer showcased a classic bullet hell gameplay. The game features intensely hostile levels, and you will be the lone fighter, trying to battle through those levels. You can either choose to be defensive and can use the shields, or you can either try to be offensive by using the weapons. You will have to collect energy to power up your space ship and energize weaponry. You can even launch air to air and air-to-ground attacks as you traverse neon-lit metropolises.


It is a co-op, action RPG game developed by Phoenix Labs. As per the storyline of the game, after the cataclysmic event mankind survives in a harsh, yet majestic world of the floating island and a brutal beast named Behemoths now walks on the Earth. As a slayer, you will be playing the role of an elite warrior who risks life and limb hunting the Behemoth threat. In this game, you will be exposed to an extraordinary armoury of weapons and gear to overcome formidable challenges threatening our survival.

Gods & monsters

It is an adventure game developed by Ubisoft. The trailer showcased a stunning cel-shaded artwork that seems to be inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the game (Gods & monsters) features a storybook adventure about a forgotten hero on an adventure to save the Greek gods. In this game as a protagonist, you have to prove your heroism by fighting dangerous mythological creatures and defeating their fearsome leader in a face-off. The game allows you to explore a beautiful fantasy world where tricky trials, treacherous dungeons, and heroic feats await. The chase in this game will be as challenging and rewarding as the final destination, and you will emerge as the hero that you are meant to become.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

It is an all-new Ratchet and Clank game where Rift Apart looks like a Pixar film come to life. The game features an attractive, kid-friendly platform-shooter hybrid. The trailer depicts that Ratchet and Clank are being transported through multiple dimensions, with full detailed game worlds loading in an instant (thanks to the new SSDs in the PS5), and the pair is riding a variety of creatures.

Expected Release date: N/A

Expected Price: N/A

Jett: The Far Shore

This game will take you on an interstellar trip to carve out a future for a people haunted by oblivion. It is an open-world single-player game set in atmospheric environments and sounds. Your character will be named Mei. Mei is a scout aboard the Mother Structure, tasked with piloting her ‘Jett’ down to the surface of an ocean planet. As a scout, you will be exploring, collecting, and you will be searching for the “hymnwave”.

Expected Release dare: holiday 2020

Expected Price: N/A


This game is being developed by BlueTwelve and is published by Annapurna Interactive. This game is a TPP cat adventure game. It is set in the alleys of a decaying cybercity and the murky environments. The players will be playing as a stray cat, and they will be roaming in the surrounding, defending themselves against unforeseen threats and they will be involved in solving the mysteries of the unwelcoming place inhabited by droids and dangerous creatures.

The main character of the game, i.e. the cat wears a backpack which undoubtedly is a unique identity for the game. The cat will be acting as a sort of courier guy who delivers a parcel from one bot to others. It’s set up in a futuristic setting where robots are in control. From the trailer, it was not clear whether the game would feature an open world for the player to explore or if it would be more like a traditional game with pre-defined missions.

Released Date: 2021

Expected Price: N/A

Goodbye Volcano High

It is a cinematic narrative adventure all about love, change, and the end of the era. The game is about an 18-year dinosaur named Fang. They are worried about their band going viral and what will happen after graduation. But the bigger problem for them is to find time to figure themselves out.

Expected Release Date: sometime in 2021

Expected Price: N/A

Oddworld Soulstorm

It is a single-player game with a cinematic platformer game that is a 2.5D side-scrolling platform game. The main character of the game is Abe, and he returns in the game to fulfil his goal to save his fellow mudrooms from slave labour. The game features a new crafting system.

Expected Release date 2020

Expected Price: N/A

Destruction Allstars

It is an upcoming single-player vehicular combat game that includes all of the exceptional abilities to beat up the opponents’ vehicles. The arena is vastly scattered with perilous contraptions that are sure to flatten you and your war chariot. So, you will have to play smartly as well as safely.

Expected release date: 2021

Expected Price: N/A

Astro’s Playroom

Astro is now coming to PS 5. It allows you to feel the world through your dual sense wireless controller. This game is pre-loaded to every PlayStation 5 console when the system launches. This game is inspired by games such as Super Mario, It is a vibrant 3D platformer set to demonstrate the capabilities of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

Expected Release Date: Comes pre-loaded to every PS 5 console.

Expected Price: N/A

Sackyboy a Big adventure


The game features 3D platforming and allows 4 people to play together. The trailer showcased design and an assortment of enemies.

Expected Release date: yet not announced

Expected Price: N/A


It is a first-person adventure video game that is set on an island. The game allows players to capture and tame creatures who resemble a combination of snack food items and insects. The announcement trailer of the game featured a walrus nature documentary-style presenter introducing gamers to the “Island of Bugsnax”.

Expected Release Date: Fourth Quarter of 2020

Expected Price: N/A

A rat quest: A way back home

It is an action-adventure game that is shown from a third-person perspective. The main character of this game is small in size, and hence he gets the benefit of scale, and he can easily squeeze through various gaps and get to places difficult to reach. The protagonist faces multiple opponents in his path, and he has a rivet that he uses like a weapon (sword) and a button that serves as a shield. However, he is not a compelling character and does not possess the ability to defeat the strongest of the opponents, and so in that case, he chooses to sneak past his enemies.


The gameplay of Moonray is quite familiar to anyone who has played a Dark Souls game. The main character of the game will be hacking and slashing her way through enemies. She will be in charge of a weapon named Hyperblaster. Players will earn material, and the game takes cues from Salvador Dali’s surrealist paintings. It is a fantastic game for people who are fans of video game art.


Did you enjoy playing The Witcher and Legend of Zelda? Well, if you did, then you will for sure love this game. This game is described as a mix of the Witcher and the legend of Zelda. This is an open-world RPG game developed using Unreal Engine 4. The game puts players in the shoes of Brynjar Townshield a titular Soulborn demigod who together with the hammer Mjölnir, must prevent the massive cosmic beast Nidhöggr from devouring the world of men, Midgard.

The lord of the rings: Gollum

It is a single-player, action-adventure game developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment. The game is based on the Lord of rings novel. The game will most probably take place in the years following Gollum’s acquisition of the one ring, meaning that it is set before the events of The Lord of the Rings. So, everything that happens to him before he is introduced in the book is the main thing that we will see in this game. Moreover, the game is targeted on Stealth and not afford Gollum with too many abilities. The competition aims at Gollum’s inner battle with his alter-ego, Smeagol.

Quantum Error

As the name says, the game is a cosmic horror first-person shooter game. In this game, the main character runs into a horde of zombies. The game will allow you to test physics collision sounds, grenades, and explosive barrels. Moreover, 99.9% of the objects in the Quantum Error game will be physically stimulating.


The game trailer begins with a line stating, “Become the smallest man on Earth.” The game is all about the micro (the smallest) man and his struggles. You have to follow his footsteps, and you have to help him to get his old life back. The story starts when accidentally as the main character of the game, you fall into the reduction capsule. The game will come in single-player mode and is an action-adventure game developed and published by Glob Games Studio.

Sniper elite 5


This game will be coming to PS 5 and is developed and published by Rebellion. The game was first released in 2005, and since then the game is giving sharpshooters the chance to crack Nazis with headshots. The developer has claimed that the game has much more to offer and will, for sure, enhance the gaming experience of an individual.

Note: The trailer is fan-made, the official trailer is yet to announce.

Bonus: Scarlet Nexus

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Where to Buy PS5 Games?

The games can be purchased from the company’s developer site as well a few days after the launch and the physical copy of the game will be available as per the company’s distributors. We will update this article with buy links and offers as soon as they are listed to buy.

Mostly the game will be available on Amazon.

My Thoughts

PS5 has opened up a large number of opportunities for the various gaming companies to provide the user with a more immersive environment. Its better tech from its predecessor makes it stand out even more now. From the games mentioned above, I am personally waiting for Horizon 2 (I like grinding!).

The graphics are stunning, the story looks promising. I am way too much excited for this one. Apart from Horizons 2, Stray appeals to my curiosity as it seems like something of a new storyline that I have never played before. I will be looking forward to this as well.

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If you have any suggestions for New confirmed ps5 games that we should add in this ps5 games List, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we always welcome new ideas. Thank you and stay subscribed for more content.

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