10 Best RSS readers 2020

Best RSS readers

RSS reader applications are great as they allow you to follow your favourite writers, channels, and publications. Nothing can beat RSS when it comes to offering trending news from the top sources.  There are many RSS readers available, but, in this article, we have come up with the best RSS reader that you can download.

Best RSS readers

1. Feedreader Online

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

Feedreader Online is free and easy to use RSS. It features two kinds of viewing modes. One of the features named Starred items is there just for saving RSS feed items, and then we can also see a filter that is basically used for displaying unread items. Overall, all these features make a good RSS reading experience, and since Feedreader online is equipped with all these features, it is an optimal option that you must for sure give a try.

2. FlowReader

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

FlowReader is best suited for people who want to see all their content sources in one place. In this RSS reader, users can view their feed in reverse chronicle order. Flowreader is a great tool for you if you want an RSS feed reader that tracks both URLs and social feeds. This RSS reader will keep informing you about the updates on the pages that you have liked on various social media platforms. You can even subscribe to as many blogs as you want, and you can see the headlines of their posts in reverse chronological order.

3. elink RSS Reader

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

This RSS reader allows users to add RSS feeds of the publications they trust the most. It enables users to choose from an unlimited number of RSS feeds to make sure that they are updated, and they are on top of the latest information. Moreover, users can easily filter and search for articles based on keywords and sources so that they can quickly discover the content of their choice. You can even click any headline from elink’s RSS Feed Reader to read more details about the article.

4. Feedly

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

It is an online RSS reader that comes with a clutter-free user interface, and it has an Add Content feature which helps you quickly find a new content source that you can subscribe to. However, it does come with a paid subscription plan that costs $5 a month. The paid plan is rich in advance features such as integration with web apps like Evernote and Dropbox.

5. Inoreader

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

This RSS reader is loaded with a bunch of amazing and useful features with a ton of configurable options. For example, this RSS reader allows you to create custom rules that will perform actions such as “Send to Instapaper”or “Send to email”. It is equipped with four view modes and four UI themes. Users can try the free subscription plan, but to get the maximum benefits, they will have to go for the paid subscription plans that start at $2.99 a month.

6. Feedspot

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

It is a free RSS reader, but it does have a paid subscription plan that costs for $24 a year. The paid plan gives users an ad-free experience. It comes with an integrated search feature that allows users to search their content sources. Moreover, this RSS reader can even recommend sites that you should subscribe based on your interests.

7. Old Reader

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

This RSS reader is equipped with all the features that a suitable RSS reader should have. It features Keyboard shortcuts, various viewing modes, and all the good stuff. This RSS reader allows you to connect with other users and share content with each other. Moreover, it is free for up to 100 subscriptions, after that you’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan that costs $5 a month.

8. RSS Owl

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

With RSS Owl you can subscribe to all your news feeds and then you can organise them the way you want. It comes with powerful capabilities that allows you to search and filter news, so you never miss stuff that matters anymore. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  You can download it now, and you can use it for free without any limitations.

9. Omea Reader

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

It is an all-in-one feed reader, and it is easy to organise and categorise your RSS feeds, using this RSS reader. The Omea Reader’s desktop search functionality allows you to find specific information quickly. You can easily subscribe to feeds, directly from your browser, within seconds. Moreover, if you are fond of podcasts, then you can directly download them through Omea. It is free to download, easy to use and organise. Moreover, it is an NNTP newsreader, and web bookmark manager.

10. Feedbro

 - 10 Best RSS readers 2020

Feedbro RSS reader is equipped with many amazing features. It is a full standalone feed reader that is available as a Chrome extension. It is extremely fast, and it comes with multiple viewing modes and built-in Social Media plugin support (Youtube, Youtube Search, Facebook, Twitter, and many more). It features built-in readability style feature that is capable of converting partial feeds to feeds with full articles. Moreover, the built-in Rule Engine lets you define rules for filtering, border highlighting, auto-bookmarking, tagging, and hiding and regexp highlighting articles.


This sums up the list of the best RSS reader. In my opinion, if you are a person who needs a more comprehensive web-content-reading experience, then you should go with the FlowReader RSS reader.  Moreover, each of the above mentioned RSS readers has its own pros and cons. You can choose any of them as per your need and requirements.

If you have any app suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best RSS reader app, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned.

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