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5 Best Solar Water Heater in India 2020


The solar water heater is an eco-friendly device that basically converts the light energy into heat energy. This device captures sunlight to heat water in the pipes in the most efficient way possible. Solar water heaters are an economical way to generate hot water for daily purposes like bathing and cleaning. It not only uses direct sunlight, but it also makes use of solar radiation to function smoothly.

Best Solar Water Heater in India 2020

1. Alpha Pro

solar water geyserIt is a solar water geyser that comes with a unique design and requires low maintenance. The unique design of this solar water heater ensures its durability and a rustproof body. It is made using a high energy absorption vacuum tube that ensures optimum energy and higher efficiency. It features smart float technology that eliminates long air vents to ensure safe usage, mainly in high wind areas.

This solar water heater by the Racold Company is Suitable for hard water applications up to 1000 PPM, 500 Chloride, and 7.5 pH.

Price: Rs.17, 500/-

2. Omega Neo

solar water heaterOmega Neo is yet another solar water heater from the brand Racold. This water heater is equipped with a unique Multifunction Safety Valve, which makes it the safest solar water heater with pressure relief, non-return, anti-vacuum, and drainage function.  This solar water heater ensures high durability, rustproof body, and a Magnesium Sacrificial Anode. Hence, the tank is being protected from corrosion. The unique design with textured glass and waterproof collector body makes this solar water heater a durable and high-performance device.

Price: Rs. 35,280/-

3. Solar Water Heater by Havells

Solar Water Heaters for Home - Havells India

Solar Water Heater by Havells comes in various capacities ranging from 100LPD to 300LPD. These water heaters are designed to provide hot water without consuming electricity, which makes it environment-friendly. The inner tank is made using high-quality materials, and the evacuated glass tubes ensure that the water stays warm for a longer duration. These water heaters are ideal for both residential and commercial applications, and they are the best in terms of efficiency and long-lasting performance.

Price: The Price ranges from Rs. 23,960 –   Rs. 33,903/-

4. V-Hot Non-Pressurized Series of solar water heater

V-Hot Non-Pressurized Series of solar water heaterV-Hot Non-Pressurized Series of solar water heaters comes in various capacities ranging from 100LPD to 300LPD. These water heaters by V-Guard generate hot water without electricity or any other fuel. The storage tanks are made up of good Grade SS304L with Aluminium Stucco cladding, and high-quality PUF insulation minimizes the heat loss of water inside the tank. It is compact, features low-height and is lightweight in design. These are safe to use and easy to maintain affordable water heaters. The brand aims to enable solar everywhere and bringing the power of the Sun to people most efficiently and cost-effectively possible.

5. Supreme Solar 220 GL Water Heater

Supreme Solar 220 GL Water Heater

This solar water heater is capable of holding up to 250 litres of water, and it is durable too. The durability of this water heater clearly reflects that it is made using high-grade materials. The water heater can even stand harsh environmental conditions as the solar glass is impact and scratch-resistant. It features high speed of heating water and can be used by medium-sized homes where the demand for hot water is less.

Price: Rs.  24,500/-

How Does a Solar Water Heater Work?

Solar water heating systems include a storage tanks and solar collector. They use natural sunlight to heat water.  There are two types of solar water heating systems:

Active Solar Water Heating Systems

These have circulating pumps and controls, and they are subdivided into two categories:

a) Active Solar Water Heaters with Direct Circulation systems

The circulating pump circulates the water through the solar collectors into the home. It works well for the places where the climate rarely freezes.

b) Active Solar Water Heaters with Indirect Circulation systems

The circulating pump circulates a non-freezing, heat-transfer fluid through the collectors and a heat exchanger. It works well for the places where the climate is prone to freezing temperatures.

Passive Solar Water Heating Systems

They are less expensive than the active solar water heating systems and are subdivided into two more categories:

a) Integral collector-storage passive systems

This type of solar water heating system is used in the areas where the temperatures rarely fall below freezing. They

b) Thermosyphon systems

In this type of solar water heating system, the warm water rises and flows through the system, whereas the cooler water sinks. The collector features a storage tank so that warm water will rise into the tank. This is one of the most reliable systems and is usually more expensive than integral collector-storage passive systems.

Do Solar Water Heaters Work in Cloudy Weather?

Yes! Even on cloudy days, there is a large amount of solar radiation, which allows Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors to provide significant performance. However, the performance of the Solar Collector will be less as compared to its performance on bright sunny days.


This sums up the list of the best solar water heater. You can purchase any of them based on your needs and requirements. The main advantage of using a solar water heater is that they are eco-friendly devices and are cost-effective. Once you start using them, you will have to worry less about your electricity bill.

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