Typing software helps users to learn to type and improves typing speed and accuracy. They polish your typing skills with quick exercises. The software’s uses an implicit technique that you have already used in your life. There is a number of typing software available online to help you become a fast typing. But we have short listed Best Typing Software for Windows that will really help you.

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Best Typing Software for Windows List

Here is the list of 10 Best Typing Software for Windows that you can download.


Typesy is the typing software made by eReflect. It is one of the top-rated typing software that will help you to be more productive at work by increasing the speed of typing by 70%. It is created by the world’s typing experts which is useful for typists of all ages. It consistently monitors your progress and adjusts your typing lessons based on your current skill level. It’s like having a personal typing coach online. You can download it from here.

2Ultrakey 6

Ultrakey holds one of the top ranks among typing software choices which is designed for Windows and MacOS. It comes with valuable reporting tools for educators. It uses different techniques to teach you to touch typing well. It teaches touch typing using voice, 3D, animation, video and virtual reality that is more effective with students as it has been sequenced in a way that promotes learning and success. You can download it from here.


Keyblaze is a free typing software designed to speed up your typing and to assist you with learning to touch type. It is a highly interactive program which starts with basic lessons on the home keys and neighbouring keys. It also works on punctuation and numbers. It checks your progress by practice lessons and diagnostic tests until you reach mastery level. You can download it from here.



5Rapid Typing Tutor



10fastfinger.com is a typing software that enhances your typing skills with free typing games. You can play and compare your results with your friends. It is 100% safe and easy to use. You can see your speed and accuracy improvements in real time as you type.  It comes with an interactive map with your keyboard accuracy by letter and can also work offline. You can download it from here.

7Typing master


8GS Typing Tutor

GS Typing Tutor is an educational and feature-rich typing software to improve your typing skills. It has special one hand typing courses and helps you to acquire professional touch-typing skills. It comes with several comprehensive typing lessons and amusing learning processes. You can also track your progress and figure out problems. You can download it from here.

9Max typing pro





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