Top 5 Best Workout Apps for Fitness Enthusiast (2019)

Best Workout Apps for Fitness Enthusiast

Considering today’s lifestyle it is obvious that each and every individual is busy and working hard from dawn to dusk. Busy lives and work ethics leads to busy schedules and it gets difficult to find time and energy to stay in shape. Most of us don’t get enough time to join a gym but deep down we all crave for a toned and fit body. Staying fit is not only important for us but also for the people around us. Doing workouts at home is not wrong but one should track their fitness progress details and should be aware of the right exercise and right workout plan which they are following. In order to track all these data and give you a better idea of the workout exercises and the diet that you should follow, we have listed down best 5 applications that are going to help you to achieve your fitness goals.

Top 5 Best Workout Apps for Fitness Enthusiast

  1. Fitter

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It is a smart workout application that serves as a leading fitness and wellness platform. Fitter allows you to get in shape and lets you get in touch with people with similar interests and goals. You can share your workout routine, discuss diets and more exercises and you can also share your transformation with the people you get in touch with through this application. It provides automated nutrition chart to the users as soon as they start to use the application. It tracks your everyday intake, your progress and your body metrics in a graphical manner.

  1. My FitnessPal

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It is the fastest and easiest application that makes use of the calorie counter. This application is best suited for all individuals with different fitness Goals. It features food tracking i.e. it allows you to learn how to make healthier choices about the food you eat. You can also create your own foods, recipes, and meals based on the calories you need to intake. After you’re done with your personalized experience of creating your own food, the app automatically calculates the calories in your foods, meals and recipes.

  1. HealthifyMe

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 This application allows you to eat healthy so that you can stay fit by keeping track of your calories, tracking food, providing you with the diet plan and the meal chart. It provides a regular reminder and water tracking notification so that you stay mindful of your water intake. You can also manage dietary health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, and cholesterol by the specialised diet plan provided by the app. Hence, HealthifyMe tracks your overall health.

  1. Charity Miles

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What is better than staying fit? You are going to exercise anyway; why not to give back something to society using this application? Though this application you are not only going to stay fit and healthy you can also support world-class charities. You can sign up and help in fundraising either alone or as a community to support your favourite cause whenever you walk or run. By this application, you get to track your health, number of footsteps and get the power to turn miles into money. The amount paid to each charity depends on the miles you have walked.

  1. Lose It

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This application allows users to set their fitness goals, track the food items they consume and helps them to plan their meals. The Moto of this application is, “You use it, you lose it”. The most important feature of this approach is the SnapIt feature. This feature makes food tracking as easy as taking a picture.


No doubt the above-mentioned applications are best. We all need to stay fit and above all tracking your fitness is important and it can be done using any one of the above-mentioned applications. I would personally recommend My fitness pal application as it has more features as compared to other applications.

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