BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD – High-performance storage designed for Extreme Gaming


Biostar is a leading tech company specialized in motherboard, graphics, and SSD. The company launched its SSD series, G300. The SSD made for professional hi-tech clients and gamer’s who wants a high-end performance. G300 is an action pack solid-state drive, with an ultra-modern technology which is mainly engineered from the ground.

The company is offering G300 series SSD at 120/240/480 GB storage capacity. The SSD also has a high-speed DDR3 cache capability which makes the SSD ultra-fast. The design of the device is unique with a completely screw-less build and a minimalistic shape and make the device look cool from any angle.


The price of the device starts from 44 USD (2,900 INR) for 120 GB, 66 USD (4,500 INR) for 240 GB, 140 USD (9,500 INR) for 480 GB. The price bracket is quite good, so don’t wait for guys, go out there and buy it. A quick suggestion; SSD are mainly for installing software like OS or any game because they give a very fast performance compare to our usual hard drive. So, don’t throw your hard drive yet, keep it as a storage device.

The company has an inimitable 6-U design concept:

  1. Ultra-Slim: The G300 series SSD is extremely thin at just 6.8mm so that will help to fit in most laptops perfectly.
  2. Ultra-Fast: With a high-end memory module inside, the G300 SSD’s data transfer performance is faster than those of competing SSDs by 10%. It can operate stably with exceptional performance even under the toughest conditions.
  3. Ultra-Stable: The patented screw-less housing design effectively prevents damages from shock and protects your valuable data on the go.
  4. Ultra-Durable: The professional six-layer PCB design brings an exceptionally durable SSD and allows the operation to be rock-stable even under environments of up to 70°C temperature.
  5. Ultra-Power-Saving: The G300 Series SSDs support prime power management ICs from TI, the worldwide IC manufacturer, ensuring stable and low energy consumption.
  6. Ultra-Premium: Laser metallic curved case with premium aluminum surface offers excellent cooling function and brings a fashionable element to suit any style.


Model Gaming G300
Dimension 100*70*6.8mm
Weight 50g
Storage Media Super Speed NAND Flash
Operation Voltage DC 5V
Operation Temp. 0°C (32°F) to 70°C (158°F)
Operating Systems Windows OS/Linux OS/Mac OS
File Formats FAT16/32, NTFS, Ext2/Ext3, Reiser FS
Model G300-120 G300-240 G300-480
Capacity 120GB 240GB 480GB
DRAM Cache 128MB 256MB 512MB
Controller SMI 2256
Form Factor 2.5″
Thickness 6.8mm
Weight 50g 53g 56g
Max. Read 550MB/s 550MB/s 550MB/s
Max. Write 470MB/s 480MB/s 480MB/s
Interface SATA III 6Gb/s
Operating Temperature 0°C (32°F) to 70°C (158°F)
Operation Systems Windows/Linux/Mac
MSRP US$44 US$66 US$140

That’s all for this guys, and the device will launch in India pretty soon till then stay tuned with us and please subscribe to our Youtube channel for awesome tech videos. 🙂

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