Bluesmart Series 2 : Smart Luggage💼for Smart Travelers

Bluesmart Series 2

Technology has left no stone unturned while giving surprise to mankind. By keeping in concern of privacy, safety and how can a device be useful to a human being, technology has always served it’s best. Here comes an extraordinary and brilliant creation of technology – The BLUESMART suitcase/carry-on. The forte of the suitcase is that it connects to your smartphone through an app, which is amazing. This suitcase has been given the title of “The smartest suitcase ever made.”

How does the Bluesmart Series 2 suitcase works?

Bluesmart Series 2 suitcase is controlled from your phone. By the help of the app, you can lock and unlock it. With the attached GPS you can also track your suitcase location. The proximity sensors used in the suitcase allows you to receive alerts when you are separated from your carry-on.


  1. The Bluesmart suitcase helps in location tracking, it has an automatic Bluetooth lock and an inbuilt USB battery charger.
  2. You can charge your phone or any other electronic devices via USB for 6 times.
  3. Just pull the handle of your suitcase and the app installed on your smartphone will tell you if the weight is approved by the airline or not.
  4. These bags have a compartment at the front of the suitcase, specially designed to hold and protect laptop and tablets.
  5. Highly resistant and waterproof in nature, with Polyurethane covering.

Why should you go for the Bluesmart Series 2 suitcase?

Bluesmart Series 2
Bluesmart Series 2

First of all, it is not just a suitcase, it is a proper personal travel assistant for you that helps you track your flights and by synchronizing with your calendar and some other travel services that you use. So, you’ll always get remainder about when and what to pack. This smart suitcase is a smart choice, and throughout your trip, you will not be worried about missing them because you can track your carry-on with your smartphone. With this smart suitcase, you will be one of the smartest person walking around the streets or at the airport.


The product is available on the official site of IndieGoGo as well as, for pre-order – the price of this smart suitcase is 295$. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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