Cable Management Review: Cable, Cord & Wire Organizers for Home Office

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Much of the work we do these days rely on technology. That would mean maximizing the use of electronic gadgets for communication purposes, creation of work output and more. Now that everything’s done virtually, we see a surge in the number of people who work from home. That includes you, of course. To those who aren’t there yet, read this.

As you’ve known already, it’s important to put a boundary between your work life and personal life even if both worlds coexist in one place, that is, your home. It’s easy to do that by creating your own workspace, a dedicated spot in your home you can call your own office. And when you’re there, it’s a subtle way of saying: “I’m not allowing any distractions at the moment.”

To always summon that inner feeling of energy and productivity, it is important to keep your desk as inspiring and clutter-free as possible. But the workload, knick-knacks and the number of electronic gadgets on your desk all combined can spell chaos. Well, just think about the unsightly spaghetti cables going knots. It will drive you nuts for sure!

Give Everything a Home Including those Wires and Cables

One of the practical ways to keep your workspace looking neat and clean is to make sure everything you put there has a home—from files to books and magazines to pens and other office supplies to electronic gadgets and even their cables. Yup, right on the littlest details like that, you can be as organized as possible.

One of the office accessories you can invest in is the cable management organizer. These days, you’ll see various kinds of it. You can choose one depending on what can really serve your needs. But to help you select the right one, what are the points you should look for?

  • Something that can really get rid of the mess wires make.

Of course, the first thing you should ask yourself: Can this item really keep those wires as neat-looking as possible? Because if it looks as if nothing changed, never mind. You’ll just waste your money on something that isn’t useful.

  • Lets you have easy access to cables whenever you need them.

Does the organizer make it easy for you to reach for the charger and plug in your electronic device to electricity socket? Convenience is the key term. As a work-from-home professional, we rely on our laptops, smartphones, and tablets for most of our tasks. It should be easy for us to keep those devices fully-charged so we can be as productive as possible. Really, how many times have you hated yourself for misplacing the right kind of charger for something?

  • Get something that’s durable and sustainable.

Perhaps, you’re one of the individuals who has become more aware of how his purchases could impact the environment in the future. And that’s a good thing. In fact, many people have been switching to eco-friendly choices, hoping that one small act could contribute to the betterment of the environment.

Find a holder that’s durable so that you can use it for many years. That way, it could take a really long time before it becomes trash and you won’t have to buy a new item again. So, for sustainable and economic reasons, it’s a win-win.

Cable Management Review: Cable, Cord & Wire Organizers for Home Office 1

  • Find one that’s versatile.

When we say versatile, that means it is suitable for any surface whether it’s metal, wood, glass, rubber or literally anything. Clips should stick on any surface hassle-free and be able to serve its purpose right away. You should also be able to peel it off easily when you don’t need it or when you have to transfer it to another location.

You can even find one that looks close to non-existent. Simply put, something that’s not too noticeable on your desk so that it won’t look as if an addition to the clutter. Check out some more tips here:

After all, the reason why you bought it is to minimize the mess and make your desk as organized and tidy as possible.

How about you? What are some other hacks you can share on how to tackle those messy wires and cables? We’d love to know especially the easy ones we haven’t thought about before! If not, go get yourself clips and organizers so that those knots will never irk you again.

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