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CamScanner’s AI Photo Restorer — Restoring Photos with CamScanner’s AI

CamScanner, from IntSig, has released a significant update to their popular scanning App. The upgrade comes after eager existing users on the App expressed a desire to enhance their old portrait photos.

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Portrait Enhancement includes a range of colourization and repair features. These features allow users to modernize and enrich low-quality pictures. The App is also able to rebuild damaged images and bring them back to a level comparable to photos taken on a modern smartphone.

This newest instalment was released on both iOS and Android platforms on the 18th of April in the latest version of CamScanner’s App.

CamScanner’s AI Photo Restorer — Restoring Photos with CamScanner’s AI

Dust-Off the Photo Album

Many of us have heaps of old photographs in boxes and binders that continue to dwindle while dust, mites, and disintegration take their toll. If you look at an old photograph, you will notice that even the best prints look blurry and blocky when sitting next to a digital picture.

Flatbed scanners and computers take up desk space and need to run tailor-made software to capture and store photographs. Portrait Enhancement cuts out the hassle of setting up hardware and lets users do all the editing from their smart devices.

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For sharing, old pictures need to be brought up to the kind of vivid detail we are used to seeing on high-resolution screens. By digitizing photographs, the pictures get another run of life and are made easier to send on to family and friends.

Portrait Enhancement comes with the following functions: –

  • Detect and Fix — The App autonomously picks out scratches and pops in pictures, then seamlessly renders in the areas with clean and matching pixels.
  • Face and Skin Correction — Re-kindle facial detail to bring back the character of a friend’s expressions. Boost the skin’s texture and colour for a vibrant and more lifelike result.
  • Correct Enlargement Pixel Loss — Enlarge the photos by up to four times without sacrificing the quality of the picture.
  • Colorize — Turn those classic black and white photos into glorious colour memories, as if taken with a colour camera back in the day.
CamScanner’s AI Photo Restorer — Restoring Photos with CamScanner’s AI

CamScanner’s App is a simple but essential tool for digitizing, cleaning, and preserving old photographs. Once these photos are in a safe digital format, there is no limit to how long they can last or to how many people they share them with.

Using Portrait Enhancement

Once the user has updated or installed the CamScanner App, they can gain immediate access to all its excellent features.

  • After installation, click on the newly created App icon to open CamScanner.
  • Within the CamScanner App, the user needs to scroll down and click on the new Portrait Enhancement tab.
  • In this add-on tab, the user will have access to all the latest tools and can begin taking or uploading pictures before cropping and repairing them.
  • Before saving the modifications, the user gets a preview and the option to compare old and new—side-by-side.
  • Once the user is satisfied with the changes, they can continue to save the restored photo and then start working on a new picture.

The free version of CamScanner offers all users full-feature access to all tools in the App—but is limited to saving 10 pictures. Premium account users get the full package with unlimited use of all the App’s features—including editing, enhancing, and saving.

CamScanner’s AI Photo Restorer — Restoring Photos with CamScanner’s AI

A Leader in Scanning Technology

CamScanner has been developing scanning and image applications for smart devices since 2011. During this time, CamScanner has built on its knowledge of text recognition—and added even more useful AI features to its App.

Earlier versions of CamScanner were big hits for their editing, text extraction, and correction tools. In addition to these tools, users can use the PDF scanner to add annotations, watermarks, and signatures.

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All documents can be converted to and saved from one of many secure digital formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, and PDF. The user can also password-protect their files for sending through emails or before posting on social media platforms.

The Portrait Enhancement update is one of the most important and useful additions to come out of CamScanner to date. This enhancement tool is going to help preserve and bring back the relevance of millions of old photos that are fast disappearing.

CamScanner is available to download from Apple’s App Store, or Google’s Play Store, now!

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