How Can I Recover Deleted Files?


Data loss is one of the major concerns and even more frustrating when you could not found any solution to retrieve your data. Data is always priceless and very precious. Data may be in the form of yours precious moments like pictures or videos. Or maybe some important files that could be worth more than thousands of dollars. Data loss could be of different reason.  One can lose data due to virus attack or system crash, formatting of hard disk without a backup. Sometimes data loss is due to device failed to boot.

Some of the tips are given below to avoid data loss.

  • You should always have a backup of your important data on Google drive or iCloud storage.
  • You should have a genuine antivirus software that could protect you against the virus attack or malware software and other spams online.
  • You should have a password protected device always so that unwanted person couldn’t have access to your device. Another reason for data loss is due to younger cousin may format your device unintentionally
  • Avoid installed untrusted software available online that could result in system crash or virus attack
  • Always install updates available of the Operating system because it brings patches that could be very helpful.

Still, if you have lost the data after going through all these precautions and you don’t have the backup on Google drive or iCloud still you don’t have to worry about much because there are many online data recovery software available online. I am going to describe here is one of the best data recovery software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is one of the best data recovery software that helps its user to download up to 2 GB of the data absolutely free. It is the best free data recovery software that helps it user to recover data from almost anything i.e. lost data from your PC, laptop, hard drive, music player, digital camera, partition loss or any unknown reason.

The interface is very simple and easy to use. This software will help you to recover data only in three steps. Three steps are explained as below.

  • First of all, you have to Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free and you have to select the specific file type you wanted to recover
  • Now in step 2 you have to select the disk in which data loss problem has occurred. Afterward, you have to hit the scan button and it will automatically start scanning. Two different types of modes are available for this scan.
  • After you are done with scanning hit the recover button to get your data back safely .

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