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Can Your Smartphone Really Help in Med School?


As a pre-med student, your goal is to take different majors and classes that are specific to advancing your education later on in a high-quality doctorate program. You more than likely have a computer and laptop handy to do all of the work necessary to get into a good school. However, your smartphone can be an incredibly useful tool when it concerns securing your spot in a quality medical university. Understanding how your mobile device can accomplish this will give you an incentive to have it on hand at all times.

Student Loans and Financial Aid

Your smartphone enables you to check out different student loan rates and financial aid specific to going to medical school. Attending a more prestigious university can be expensive and if you don’t have the financial backing from parents, grants or sponsors, you’re left paying the costs on your own. Taking out a loan from Earnest.com can provide you with the money you need to begin going to a more advanced college. Most often, lenders won’t expect you to pay anything back until you’ve graduated.

Communicating with Professors and Other Students

Your phone opens the door to communication among your professors and peers. You can message and email your professor to find out more about upcoming exams, essays and curriculum notes that are specific to obtain your degrees. You can even receive documentation and transcripts via your smartphone device when making out your application for medical school. If you’re studying among other medical students, you can offer each other support and advice along the way.

Understanding Credits and Classes

Most universities have their students create their own login information through the campus website. By using your mobile device, you’re able to either download an app or log in through the internet to check out different course schedules and credits that you may be looking to use towards the major of your choice. All of this information is available to you at your fingertips, making it easier to know where you’re going in terms of your education.

Research and Learning

For most essays and papers, you need to do enough research to ensure that the work is being done properly. While you might do a lot of your school research on your laptop so that you have access to a larger screen, quick on-the-go research can be done using a simple smartphone or tablet device. You can look things up quickly to improve the quality of your work, which will then reflect well when you go to make out your application for a doctorate degree.

Scheduling and Alerts

As a busy student, it can be downright impossible to remember your schedule from one week to another. You might be struggling to get up on time in the morning and aren’t entirely sure when paperwork is due. By using your phone, you’re able to set important reminders on your schedule as well as alerts and alarms for when different things are due to your professor. You will find that by staying ahead of the game, you’re improving your education and increasing your chances of having a brighter future.

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