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Tricks you can use to make your phone more functional

We take our smartphones with us everywhere we go, and the more time goes by the more improvements and innovations we are introduced to. Technology is rapidly developing and allowing us to use even better phones with a lot more features and to choose from a considerably bigger range of options. However, as much as they advance, we still need to update them and make sure they’re in their right operational state and have the latest applications so that we can make the most from our experience. There are also other useful tips that can help use your phone to its full capacity and provide you with even more relevant information.

Signal strength

Sometimes you can have connection problems with your phone whether you are outside walking or in a building. This can depend on the cell tower coverage in the area, as well as the actual area you are in. The regional areas can have a tendency of weaker cell tower coverage and it may result in your unavailability to your friends and family via phone calls/messages. You can avoid this by getting yourself a mobile network booster and get rid of the signal problem by following the instructions in the mobile phone booster guide. However, first of all, you need to know the trick to measuring signal strength on your phone. In order to understand if your phone is having a signal problem (other than looking at the connection icon in your phone’s status bar), you can actually check the number of decibels. The lower the decibels, the better the signal and ideally -50 dB is actual full bar stable signal connection. You can check this through Settings->About Phone and then click on the Status and correspondingly to the signal strength, but this is for the Android operating systems. On iOS, you can dial this code *3001#12345#*, after which you will have to long press the home button and it will show you the number of decibels.  To find out more about mobile communications you can read more here.

Battery Usage

Smartphones require constant system updates and some of them can drain the phone battery and make the phone last barely 12 hours. This has been the case with Apple’s iOS 11.2 update and it has been an issue with Android as well. Seemingly, the phone can actually engage in many background activities that can drain the battery as well, for example turning on location, mobile data, amount of active applications running in the background or errors that compile from apps and don’t resolve through task manager. The battery can also be drained from a high level of brightness and amount of memory usage as well. A good way to deal with this is to make sure you exit any application that you are not planning to use, occasionally cleaning up your device either through the task manager or a third party application you can get in App or Play Stores.  You can also try turning off mobile data and location when you are on Wi-Fi and do not need to use your location. Another cool trick is to put your phone on airplane mode while charging, which will make the charging process go faster, especially when you’re not using the phone while charging.


It’s a common phenomenon for people to use the actual keyboard that is preinstalled on the smartphone they purchase. Sometimes, the keyboards cannot match your personal style and can be uncomfortable and aesthetically displeasing, or they can lack the list of languages that you need. You can always browse for more keyboards in the App or Play Store and find the one that fits you the most. After installing it you will have to change the keyboard through the settings of your phone and you will be able to use the keyboard that you actually like and not be obliged to use the keyboard you were initially provided with.


Sometimes people use the home screen as a place to keep shortcuts to the applications that they most frequently use in order not to go through the trouble of swiping and finding the app in the App Menu. However, home screen can contain much more information than just app shortcuts, namely – widgets. Widgets are a powerful tool if you know where to place them and how to use them, many applications have their corresponding widget regardless of their source. Widgets can give you brief information on what you need to know (if let’s say it’s for a news app or a weather forecast), or they can also let you directly play music with one click. They can also let you send messages, write memos and create events. In order to see the widgets, you can long press on the home screen and it will pop up at the bottom of the screen and show you the list of all available widgets.

Now that you know some new cool tricks to your phone you can go ahead and use your phone to the fullest and enjoy the newly discovered opportunities.

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