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CARBON : World’s First Home Exercise Mirror with AI


Doing workout and staying fit is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Ever since the pandemic hit, all people across the world have indulged themselves in home work out. Some of them even ended up setting up a personalized mini-gym in their house with all the equipment that we used to see in a traditional gym. However, the primary concern is now only a physical being who can train you while your workout sessions. Well, if you have an online fitness trainer or fitness coach helping you out with your workout, amazing! If not, and you are still looking for an alternative, I would take this moment to introduce an at-home training system by Carbon, designed especially to give you real and visible results.

This home training equipment is a mirror when off, and it blends into your surroundings when turned on. Isn’t that Great! The mirror will act as your personal trainer or we can say, carbon trainer. Carbon can be revolutionary because it is taking the best of everything, and putting into one solution, that is its advance sensors that provide something similar to any smart virtual coaching.

How does the Carbon Training system work?

Attach the sensors to the workout equipment that you are using such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells and this will unlock more tracking data like your total load, your explosiveness and hence you get more insight on your progress.



  • Carbon trainer mirror comes with a depth-sensing camera that allows you to see the world in 3D. The virtual trainer can see your position, your performance rate regarding various exercises, and then the virtual trainer can compute many things such as your performance metrics, your time under tension, the angles you are using to lift, and even your rep count.
  • It will help you to stay accountable so you can work out more effectively for faster results.
  • Carbon Training system comes with a clean design and easy-to-use interface.
  • It is a science-based system that features adaptive fitness plans.

Now the question is “Why should one go for a carbon training system?”

So, many people have the dream of working out at their homes in their own privacy, and with this training system, you will work out at home under the guidance that will be helpful for you. In this pandemic, you can focus on your health and live your life longer and happier.

Price and Availability

Carbon is available on Indiegogo.com. The price of the device is approximately $1000. I know it may be expensive for some people but focusing on your health today can save many 1000s of dollars from the future.

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