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Remarkable 2: Innovative Writing Tablet from Future!

Keeping in mind that paper is one excellent resource and holds tons and tons of ideas, reMarkable has worked on its digital paper tablet since 2013. This digital paper tablet beams a great deal of potential due to its limitless features and perks. This paperless tablet by reMarkable seems to be one of the best things in the modern digital age. Think of it this way – Imagine that a Kindle Reader meets an iPad.


What is Remarkable 2?

From note-taking, tool selection, handwriting to text conversion, you name it, and reMarkable probably has it all. You can refine your notes without any hassle, and the whole tablet feels like a piece of paper, and the sounds effects embedded in its code makes sure that it sounds the same. In addition, this tablet reintroduces handwritten notes, which can be easily converted to text, sent in the form of PDF, or shared across all your different devices.

Remarkable 2 Features

So far, this gadget has gained praises from Trusted Reviews, GIZMODO, TechCrunch, Tech Radar, Mashable, etc. Let’s dive into some of the most popular features that you can use in the reMarkable 2.

1.You can take handwritten notes, read and review as you go.

2.It features a display that almost feels and looks like paper.

3.You can easily convert your handwritten notes or pointers into text format within seconds.

4., Unlike digital tablets, this won’t cause any stress to your eyes, ensuring an eye-friendly reading experience.

5. Note-taking gets even easier as you can directly make notes on PDFs.

6.For ease of communication and access, reMarkable allows you to share your data and files on all your devices.

7.It boasts of humongous battery life of 14 days (or 2 weeks) on a single full charge.

8.reMarkable 2 claims to be the world’s thinnest tablet measuring just 0.19 inches in thinness.

9.It supports USB – C for fast file transfers and charging.

10.It comes along with a brand new marker plus, which also has a built-in eraser.

Remarkable 2 Design / Language Support

Discussing the features in detail, the texture provided by this digital tablet comes very close to the original paper, which provides a whole new writing experience on a tablet. Talking about some of its capability to convert handwritten pointers/ notes to text, it supports 33 languages and cursive and block letters. You can even share your converted notes via email.

reMarkable 2 helps you perfectly organise your notes in different folders and allows you to create new ones based on your demand. With virtually unlimited pages on the device, you can use it for any personal or work objectives. If it helps, you can even create a separate notebook for each client or each project.

Remarkable 2 Visual Experience

A lot seems to have been put into the visual experience just as well. This gadget seems to have a visually appealing paper-like feel to it. It’s readable in sunlight and you can read documents/ pdfs for hours at length without worrying about glare or eye strain.

It does provide support for ePub and you can read web articles on the reMarkable 2 with just a click as it comes with a Google Chrome plug-in. Create your own offline library with articles and folders that are ready to read on the second-generation CANVAS display.

Technology Used in Remarkable 2

Let’s see how the technology actually works to display this “paper-like” quality on a digital tablet. The reMarkable 2 uses an E-ink technology that responds to the pressure applied by your pen on the tablet and reacts to it by transferring ink particles to the surface. As you move the marker, 4096 levels of pressure provide you with the precision you need while writing on this device.

With minimal pen-to-ink distance and incredible responsiveness, it allows for a low latency CANVAS display. It enables those fast and precise pen strokes for a paper-like feel. The team claims to have spent over six years developing this technology.

Remarkable 2 Marker Plus (Pen used)

This tablet will help you avoid all the social media commotion that you generally experience on a regular tablet. With no notifications or distractions, you can go about your day without worry, and in turn, it helps you think clearly. Along with Marker Plus, the reMarkable 2 becomes just as powerful and efficient. This pen delivers just the right amount of friction and draws the digital ink, as we discussed above.

You don’t have to worry about charging or setting this marker up. It is attached to the reMarkable tablet via magnets, and its nib allows it to be tilt and pressure-sensitive. On the opposite end of the Marker Plus, it has a second sensor which generally doubles down as an eraser for you. Just like a traditional pencil, you get to experience the same with Marker Plus. It weighs approximately 19 grams.

Remarkable 2 Specifications

Remarkable 2: Innovative Writing Tablet from Future! 1

Getting into the technical nitty-gritty, the reMarkable 2 uses a 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM processor and has 1 GB of LBDDR3 SDRAM. It comes with 8 GB of internal storage and has a 3000 mAh battery. The display is 10.3 inches with a resolution of 1872 x 1404 and 226 DPI. It is also partially powered by E-Ink Carta technology and has a multi capacitive touch.

The operating system used on this device is Codex which is a Linux-based operating system for low-latency digital paper displays. Talking about the tablet’s dimensions, it is 187 mm x 246 mm x 4.7 mm and weighs around 403.5 grams. For connectivity, it has Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Conclusion: Remarkable 2 Worth to buy?

In conclusion, the reMarkable 2 looks like a very promising device with a bright future ahead. As of now, with the number of features it uses efficiently, it does seem like a sort of replacement for the usage of paper. Although, with a more powerful chip and more storage, it can quickly gain ranks amongst its competitors like Kindle.

With fluent writing, paper-like texture/ feel, it can actually be a great hit in the bibliophile community and the general audience as well. Unlike Kindle, it does have a lot of added features and benefits that we discussed above.

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