How to change GPS location on Grindr? Using iPhone

Change GPS location on Grindr
Change GPS location on Grindr

Facing problem to change GPS location? If you don’t know how to Grindr turn off location services then don’t worry about it now. I will guide you on how to change Grindr location on iPhone, using Dr Fone- Virtual Location (iOS) step by step. I will discuss some steps and you will be able to change Grindr location on iPhone and use Fake GPS Grindr.

Here are some steps that follow to change GPS location

Change GPS location
Change GPS location
  • Step 1. Visit the Dr Fone official website
  • Step 2. Download Dr Fone – Virtual Location (iOS), Download windows file if you are using windows operating system and if you are using Mac operating system on your computer then download Mac platform file.
  • Step 3. Install the downloaded file on your system
  • Step 4. Now launch the program on your computer
  • Step 5. Now click on the virtual location and make sure that your iPhone is connected to your computer.
  • Step 6. Please click on the Get started.
  • Step 7. Now find your actual location where you are at this time.
  • Step 8. It’s time to activate teleport mode and you can find it in the upper right position.
  • Step 9. Please input the pace name and then click on the Go.
  • Step 10. Pop up will appear “Move Here” you will click on Move Here. This will make your location what is showing at this time.
  • Step 11. Your location is now changed and you can see it on your iPhone.
  • Step 12. Open Grindr and see your location on Grindr app.
  • Step 13. Your location is now set on Grindr as you set in the system.
  • Step 14. Use your grindr with new location. You have done.

What are some Good Things about fake GPS Grindr

  • You can become able to crack a few profiles at every location you want to.
  • It will help you see further people in your town that you may possibly have missed before.
  • If you are scheduling to tourism, you can already befriend persons from the public there earlier.

What are some limitations to using fake location Grindr

  • While using fake GPS location might get your profile notices and banned on Grindr because it’s a premium feature?
  • If you using some other reliable apps that are grounded on your exact location so they force to show you the incorrect data due to a changing location.
  • People might misuse the Grindr search location and that could damage others in ample ways. If your location is open even if it’s incorrect you might get strange visitors and get in trouble.

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So if you want to Grindr change location just follow the same as to mention above method just connect your phone with your system for fake GPS Grindr you will hide Grindr location by following the above method. Grindr location accuracy will be great when using this app.

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